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Green Gal77 - could the rectal bleeding be due to hemorroids (sp?) or some people have been known to have polyps which bleed of and on too. I do know that blood in the stools can come from internal bleeding such as an ulcer. My ex husband had the internal bleeding and they couldn't find a thing, but when tested for h-pilori (not sure of proper name) he tested positive, went on medication and never looked back and never got the problem again.

As your ferretin was at 0, getting to 7 is a major acheivement. The lower your ferretin the harder it is to raise as your body tends to take whatever is there for your things like bone marrow and your muscles. Your energy, hair, skin and nails will get it it last, this is why we need a good reserve to draw from. You will likely find it hard going for a while, but you have to persevere. Luckily my doctor caught my ferretin when it got to 8 so i didn't have to suffer a lot of the issues that some of the people have on this board. Mine was bad enough as i had other issues occuring in the background that were as yet undiagnosed eg: Hashimoto's thyroid condition, below low Vit D and iodine, Adrenal Fatigue and inability to digest protein, high estrogen levels and in general messed up hormones.

My monthly cycles began going all over the place back in 2001. My then doctor simply wanted to stick me on birth control (love how they think BC pills are the answer to everything!!). I then found a naturopath who put me on a herbal mix 3 years ago which made my periods regular, but we have had difficulty stopping the long term spotting at the end of my period. Now 2 and a half years back i had a pelvic ultrasound and a fibroid was found. I was told all was ok, so i believed them. A few weeks ago i took another look at the test results and got on the net and reserched some of the medical terminology used. I found out my fibroid is in a submucosal position which can cause heavy periods, long term spotting, period pains either before, during or after the period is over, even infertility. I've started to get pains when mine is supposedly over and then i start spotting. So now i'm seeing a different doctor and he's ordered another ultrasound. So what i'm getting at is part of my initial blood loss could have been due to this overlooked fibroid, which would in turn lower my ferretin, then i wasn't absorbing protein correctly due to my digestive problem where my pancrease isn't producing sufficient enzymes, then i am a little on the gluten intolerant side and people with a gluten intolerance will often have low iron or even anemia, depending on just how gluten intolerant they are eg: if they have Celiacs.

I agree that too many blood tests at this stage wont help your iron stores. If they must do a blood test get them to test everything else you need checking on at the same time to save repeat testing. If you haven't already, you should get things like B12, Vit D, iodine, gluten intolerance and a full thyroid study done which ought to include TSH, T3, T4 and Thyroid Antibodies. Merely doing the TSH alone shows nothing. The reason i include the thyroid is that so many people have thyroid conditions and a lot of them don't know it yet, a lot of people on the thyroid board have low iron or difficult to raise iron and they are also all low in a lot of the same things and a lot of them have gluten intolerance. Anyway, it doesn't hurt to have it all checked out at some point.

One thing you also need to remember is that we can all have anemia or low ferretin, yet we wont all have the exact same symptoms as we are individuals and also we possibly have other medical issues going on in the background eg: me with my thyroid.

Hoping you feel better soon and also can find out what is causing the rectal bleeding. Take care :)

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