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[QUOTE=FLFLOWERGIRL;3817314]halielz--Don't be sorry, that's what we are here for. What form/type of supplements are you taking? You are borderline moderately/mildly anemic at a 10 Hgb with your first goal to be "within normal range," then, for optimal Hgb you want to be at 14 for females. If you are on supplements and respond well, you should come up in numbers rather quickly. You only need to add meat 3X weekly to your diet with supplements to correct the anemia. Your Hgb should respond within 30-45 days. Best of luck to you. Hope you are feeling better soon. Your ferritin will take longer as you know. FLFLOWERGIRL:)[/QUOTE]

FLFLOWERGIRL, thank you!! :)

I am taking 1000 mcg of B12 and 36 MG of Iron... I just got them at the vitamin store. The B12 I looked up online, and this one type was recommended (it seemed). It's called Methylcobalamine...?

I have added meat back to my diet (sorry animals!!!). I feel soooo bad. It's way against my ethics... but, I don't wanna feel so sick anymore. :(

I sure hope I feel 100% in a month or so... that would be a miracle! :D
[QUOTE=Audrey-B;3818983]Good to hear you are feeling a bit better :)

Look at it this way, if you don't keep iron rich foods in your diet you will end up very sick and the anemia upsets the balance of other health issues in your body. If we didn't have a need for iron, we wouldn't need to eat animals or eat them as much as we do. I've worked with a lot of people from India who don't eat red meat or are 100% vegetarians and they are always anemic or very low iron, even the men and particularly the children and that is very bad for health. I've also had a few friends who went strict vegetarian and it showed on their faces, the skin became a very off coloured white and they looked very unhealthy and sickly. It is possible to go vegetarian, but it's a big job getting the right protein foods into your diet so that you can maintain your inner health and healthy skin on the outside.

At least if you are vegetarian you can surely keep dairy in your diet? An egg is one huge vitamin pill, especially if you can buy them free range so you aren't getting unnecessary hormones in your diet.

Have you had your vitamin D and Iodine checked? The fact your are low in B12 and ferretin could mean you are low in other things, especially as you appear to have been a strict vegetarian. If you are low in Vit D it is likely your calcium will be low too and you definitely don't want poor absorption of calcium as you wont want osteoperosis later in life. Vegetarians are also at risk of iodine deficiency and this can be bad for the thyroid. Iodine can also be reduced by vegetable from the brassica family (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli etc etc). If you get an iodine test ask for a urine iodine test as the blood tests usually used are not too accurate.[/QUOTE]

Audrey -

That is definitely me. I am always off color and pale and sickly looking. It drives my boyfriend mad... he is always worried I am very sick.

I have began eating meat again. It's a bit hard on the stomach after so many years of avoiding it! :-/

I will have to pursue checking my other levels. Honestly, it's been such a chore to get this far... I don't even wanna try. But I will. I am just happy to have the diagnosis of B12 and iron anemia. (Well, happy that a diagnosis was made).

I would eat eggs, but apparently my cholesterol is very very high. Which I don't understand! I was a strict veggie for 12 years, and a strict vegan for 2! I never eat sweets (too sweet... haha), I mainly stick to veggies and fruits (yum!).

I will try adding an egg once a week?

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