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I'm waiting on a referral to see a hematologist. My blood work of 2 weeks ago showed moderate anemia and a ferretin level of 3.6. I am 13 weeks post gastric bypass, had internal bleeding, am being treated for an ulcer, and having a heck of a time with oral iron meds (stomach pains and constipation). PCP agreed to the referral last Friday but I wait forever for the referral nazi at my PCP's office to actually send the dang fax and heme will not book without the referral.
Anyway, I am having such a range of symptoms that I wonder if this is ...normal? I feel quite terrible today. So weak I am almost nauseous. To walk to the bathroom (30 feet) exhausts my leg muscles to the point that they ache so bad I can hardly get them to move. But yesterday I felt much better. Oh, I was fatigued but nothing like this. This has been the pattern for a few weeks now - a bad day or two and then some improvement and then a relapse. I suppose it makes sense that my energy level would flucuate depending on a hundred factors but I'd like to hear if this sounds fairly typical. And thanks so much. Suzy-Q

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