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[QUOTE=susieq14;3818667]I was just wondering why we are not given IV iron immediately to get our ferritin and iron numbers up instead of taking iron supplements that may or may not work?
[B]Because IV iron comes with a BIG warning in the doctors manual. It can result in ***** , along with a host of other things that may or may not happen. I had two doctors warn me against having this type of therapy and one even went as far as to show me the book (which scared me) with the warning which has a big red cross mark on the page warning of the use of this iron. But when you see a Hematologist they usually act like there are very few symptoms and give the best iron with less S/E's. Bottom line, it is not without risk. Although, I always say I am very grateful for having such resources when needed.[/B]

I don't know much about IDA since I was just diagnosed a few months ago and I know nothing about IV iron. Is there a problem with the IV iron that you wouldn't to have it unless absolutely necessary?
[B]IV iron is *usually* reserved only for those that do not absorb iron.[/B]

I feel kind of bad whining because I have only just started down this road and have not been dealing with the IDA as long as you all have. But after reading all the recent posts here and seeing how long some of you have been dealing with trying to raise your ferritin I hate the thoughts of taking these iron pills for forever. I started taking them on November 15.

[B]When you have a problem with absorption of iron it usually does not just go away unless you can fix the cause. For some it is easier than others that do have to stay on it for the rest of their lives.[/B]

One of my concerns is that they are expensive and Iím still waiting to hear about my appeal to the insurance company to cover them. I'm taking Niferex because the hematologist said they would cause less GI distress - I have GERD and IBS.
[B]Did you ever get to read the post I posted to you about the iron? It is never covered by Insurance. But the generic name brand is much cheaper at around 28.00??? for 100 I think it was, I would have to look it up, but it is in my other post. That's not too bad anyway. I know no iron is best:D.[/B]

However, my biggest concern is that I am finding it very hard to coordinate when to take my 2 tablets at different times i.e. one hour before meals or 2 hours after meals and not at the same time as my other meds. Sunday I only took one and yesterday I had a bad IBS day and did not take either one of them. So far today I have only taken one at 1:00 and it is almost 6:30 and the night is slowly slipping away and I haven't eaten dinner yet and I don't know if I will have time to take the next one.

Do you think that on days like today or last Sunday when I get my scheduling mixed up I should just take it even if it with a meal. The information sheet says it is okay to take it with food to avoid stomach upset so I'm guessing it would be better than not taking it.

[B]You can only deal with so much when you are trying to get everything right, it can be a daunting task. I would just take the second dose with a meal if I had too. Not on a regular basis because this will not work well at all. I had to do that for most of a year and my numbers declined. It does decrease the absorption up to 50% when taken with food. Then, if you have an absorption problem added to this or low stomach acid you see that you may not be getting much iron at all.[/B]

I'm open to any suggestions about coordination...

Os should I ask the hematologist if i can have IV iron? She said that would be next if the pills didn't work

[B]I would try my best and give it my all before I ever asked for IV iron. This is just my opinion. It is the ONLY answer for many people. I don't think that you will have to ask anyway.[/B]

Again I apologize for whining because I know some of you are really dealing with so much more than I am.

[B]You are not whining at all.;) and I am so glad that you are not real sick from this, looks like you caught it in time![/B]

thanks in advance and all the best to all of you.


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