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I had some routine blood work done (as a check-up) and my doctor said I was anemic. I talked to her today about the results and she thought it couldn't be from not getting enough iron in my diet - that it had to be due to blood loss of some kind. This is *so* worrying me now. I am in my 40's and I still have regular periods - she thought it could be due to heavy clotting. My periods seem normal to me - perhaps heavier than they used to be but nothing horrible...there are a fair number of large clots which has gradually gotten more over the past few years. I've often had doctors tell me I was anemic or borderline - I know I couldn't donate blood once cause my iron level was too low. I used to always take vitamins and stopped a few years ago (just from laziness I guess).

I'm just worried about colon cancer. Tell me there is likely some other cause for these numbers? She ordered a stool test and I have that into the lab now.

Here are my numbers:
Hemocrit: 30 (33-46%)
Hgb: 8.3 (10.4-15.3 G/DL)
MCH: 18 (22-33 PG)
MCHC: 27.7 (30-36 GM/DL)
MCV: 65.1 (73-101 CMICRON)
RDW, Blood: 17.4 (12-17.2%)
Iron: 13 (30-160 ug/dl)
Total Iron Binding Capacity: 439 (228-428 ug/dl)
Iron/Total Iron Binding Capacity: 3 (13-50%)
Ferritin: 3.2 (10-150 ng/ml)

These are the ones out of range. I am so worried I feel like I can't function. I was fine leaving the doctor's office and then I got more and more worried for some reason. Are these numbers so bad that it has to be caused my some type of internal bleeding? I have some anemia symptoms but they are not as horrible as some people here describe feeling.

Any good news? Anything to make me feel better?:(

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