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Need advice, please
Dec 14, 2008
I was on here once before, several months ago. ChristineVA from the Thyroid cancer board, suggested this board to me before and everyone was so helpful.{ Christine, are you still here?} I need advice again. I went Fri. for my 1 yr. thyroid cancer ck, which was great news, all bloodwork good. It's the rest of the bloodwork that could use some help.
Everything is low. My calcium is 7.9 {8.6-10.4} I need to up that again, I had a parathyroid removed and one re implanted, during my surgery.
My ferritin, which I never heard of before these boards was low initially at 5, then went to 23 eventually, and I made the mistake of stopping the iron, I was taking so many pills after my surgery, and that went BACK DOWN on Fri. it was 14. {11-307} My iron level went back down from 60 to 45.{40-175}.
I GUESS I THOUGHT that since these levels would improve and got back to normal, I thought it was just from my surgery, and a few months of taking iron and it would be fine. NOPE!! Iron saturation also went back down from 15 to 12.{15-50}. The endo did not say a WORD about any of these levels, he focused on the good thyroid #'s, for which I am grateful they are normal, but I see I have some work to do on my own with the other #'s. I want to be WELL!!
My vit. D that I asked to be checked is also low at 21, {25-70}
So, my question is, how long do I take iron for? I took one last night, a 325 pill. I am increasing my calcium again, which will also give me more vit. D, too. I guess my main question is, Can I take too much iron? for too long? or do I need it for quite a while? He did not even order bloodwork for any of it in 8 months when I see him again, so I feel like I'm kinda "on my own" with this.

So, do you think it is ok to take one iron a day for months and months? Or should I start with more? Keeping in mind, I did all this months ago, and had to space it all out for my Levo thyroid meds, all the calcium, which I take 3x daily, and a multi, and B12, and now Vit. D, too. Plus the iron pill. This is so ridiculous, considering I never took ANYTHING a year ago, before the cancer diagnosis, now I need my little pill box. WOW!!! Life changes.
Anyway, thanks for reading and any advice you experts can give, I will start reading on here and educating myself, too. Just wanted to get a good start.
I really feel decent, but want to feel well.
Thank you SO MUCH for your valualble time!!!

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