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Lori123--If you get lucky, perhaps ChristineVA will be lurking, but she has not been on here for a while, just to let you know.

Lori, in your specific case, because of your past thyroid cancer, I would never take iron without a script from your PCP or Specialist. I don't remember, did you find a reason for your low iron and other numbers because you could be leaning towards a possible malabsorption, I don't know? Did you see a GI doc, GYN or Hematologist or have any tests done? Your therapy would be based on this. Everyone has a different cause, and therefore, needs a different amount of iron. Usually, people that have a problem with low iron have this the rest of their life, but not always, it really depends on the WHY factor this is why I ask questions.

I will give you my thoughts as a patient. First, not all iron is created equal. Because of this they have formulated different irons made for ~long term~ use as the one that I take. Poly Iron 150 and is considered a much safer iron. Too much iron can feed cancer cells, *IF* there are any. This is also ~one~ of the reasons they tell you not to begin iron supplements until they find a cause. It is also why it is NOT okay for a doctor to prescribe iron supplements without first finding a cause for the anemia. In addition, and please don't quote me on this, it is from memory only. Cancer cells grow or feed off iron 3X more than a normal cells would. Iron can also become a free radical causing it to rust inside your organs IF you get too much, this is know as oxidizing. You would have to have a high TSat% along with a high ferritin, so it is easily watched with iron stats.

This is the information that I have read. None of my doctors have mentioned anything
about these things. However, there are many things that they don't mention, if you know what I mean. I have a little experience with the iron overload because my DH has the blood disorder HH so I have had to learn a little.

To be safe, I would think that you would need to discuss a safe form of iron with a specific amount and duration along with regular testing. Many PCP's and other doctors are not up on the different types of iron, I know this from my own experience as a patient. My GI doc helped me with this. A Hematologist/Oncologist would also know more about oral iron. I would look carefully into this, but know that you do need iron or your numbers wouldn't be dropping. I was told to stay on supplements the rest of my life and I take 150 mgs of iron daily and after 2 years only have a 58 ferritin. Hope this helps, I know it's not what you were looking for, but I think it's something for everyone to consider. With that being said, I cannot give my suggestion because your case is a little more to think about. Best of luck to you. Keep us posted! FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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