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hi ebrena!

Well I just giot back from my "lovely" drs. visit.....he is an idiot fr sure.I didn't get my B12 shot,because he diudn';t put it into the darn now I have to wait 'til Dec.29th.Plus I have a sinus infection(that's why my glands are swollen and my throat is beet red!!!!).So now I have to take an antibiotic(erythromycin..which depletes B12....Great,Huh?)and I'm sure I'll be half dead from that.I just want to cry me a river....I'm looking for a new dr....I can't take this crap's like the dr. Knows I need B12 and just flat out Forgets to put my B12 shot in the computer and the idiotic nurse says "she can't disturb him while he's with another patient!)....So Much Fo Caring.

Thanks for letting me Vent~

Did you know metformin depletes B12 too?So that's good you take B12.You have a lot of health issues...I know how you feel!!!!My husband has to "put up with me" too,but I told him I'd gladly trade places with him...he can have the hot sweating and mood swings and all my neurological problems...that will be the day...ha!

Well I'm just going to Forget about that dr. visit or I'll stress myself out.....and it's not worth it.

I know what you mean about taking all the meds to just feel "normal".My problem is I'm Allergic to almost Everything!!!!!The dr. also forgot to order me my now I have to call them back.....I'll make sure I tell them to Have A Nice Day!

We are in for 12 to 14 inches of snow tonight....YUCK!We went to the store after the drs. so we have enough food and everything if we get snowed in.

I know what I want for Christmas....A New Doctor!!!!!!!!!! I'm Serious!

Do you get muscle fasiculation with the fibromyalgia?Just wondering,because I get them in my ankles and feet and sometimesmy calves.Then I get a deep,penetrating,dull pain sometimes in the top of my right foot or in an area of my shins....but my dr. knows Absolutely Nothing About Nothing!!!!

My tongue is so sore...I know it's from my low B12,but now I have to wait another 8 days for a B12 shot.I think I'll just go buy some sub~lingual B12......or I'll be in a coma too!!!!

I hate going to the drs. too and I know why,because mine doesn't care about me.

Well at least you got your B12 results,but sometimes what the blood level shows isn't a good source for what's at the tissue level...that's why the MMA test is way better.Anyways thanks for posting your news~~~~sorry I am such a big crab today,but I really am glad you posted...makes me feel like I'm not the only one tired of not feeling well and having to put up with drs.

Take care ebrena~
Hello Flowergirl thanks for responding to my post-I actually do have Hashimotos Thyroid I have had it for about 20 years right now I am taking 100mcg synthroid daily. However this exhausted feeling is very similar to thyroid tired as well. My aunt is also Hashimoto Thyroid and she was getting so tired, one day after work she was putting her running shoes on to force herself to go for her walk- she woke up an hour later on the carpet-one shoe on and one shoe in her hand! That's a tired thyroid!! I can actually fall asleep listening to my husband talk-wake up later and my lights on, my glasses are on and hubby is sleeping in his reclyner by then! I am going to mention to my Dr when I go back to recheck my thyroid it has bee a while as my blood sugars. Oh yippee

Hi Scout, it's good to vent so vent all you want. In Canada I can by my B12 injectable from behind the drug store counter and I give it to myself in my hip. Sounds awful however to me it is better than in the thigh like I was orignally shown at least in my hip I can't see whats going on and it doesn't really bother me. Can you buy it behind the counter in the US? I will continue the B12 because a lot of the meds I take affect B12 and it may have been high on the test but I had only just give myself 2500ml a week before so it would still be in there.

I just came off of 5 days of erythromycin for a sinus/chest infection however I think it is a viral because I still have sinus and a cough-oh I do get so tired of being a slug due to my health. I know I am in good health compared to other people that's for sure- I guess I just miss the energy and enthusiasm I no longer have. There are a few meds I take that deplete B12 so I will continue with it; I'm not sure what muscle fisculation means but if it means spasms- not really-I just have constant muscle pain mostly on my upper chest, back, shoulders, head, arms and hips-it will usually affect one side only and it is a roaming pain-like it could be my neck today and my hip tomorrow. I did go for nerve conduction tests to see if it could be neurapathy from diabetes but it only showed a minor amount in my legs to my feet. When I went to the rheumy specialist he poked at some of the "tender point's" and I think if you have 18 or more tender points they class you as fibromyalgia. Look up Fibromyalgia and see if you can find a diagram of the body that shows the tender points for fibromyalgia-it can limit you very much if you go into a flare like sometimes up the back of my head will be so tight and sore I can't turn my head and it hurts constantly till it goes somewhere else. I was given 2 different prescriptions that I didn't like because they made me so tired and also made my head more foggy than it already is. So I take Celebrex with noraflex or I'll take Tylenol 3's alternatively because I don't like taking NSAIDS all the time. If I am not sore I don't take anything, where as the meds for fibro need to be taken daily up to 3 times a day-I don't like that.

You are cranky Scout because you don't feel well and you can't even get to see your Dr. Have you had your thyroid checked? It is so common in woman our age-men do get it but more often it's women who suffer all the silly ailments forever and the men just get it over with quick. Most men don't go to DR's I know my husband doesn't. He is so patient with me though I have to say that, he can tell when I am not well. I early ritired from my longterm government service 3 years ago to lok after my sick mom besides I was so done in with the job it was time. Now I think I would like to go to work, but if I think too much I have to go lie down!

As for the lack of good Dr's and awful medical system it's scary! I seem to get a different Dr everytime I go I don't know who my Dr is.

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