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Hi I went for blood work last week because I mentioned to my GP that perhaps the reason I am so sluggish and achy and sick all the time may be from low iron? I did have low iron levels in the past and was on Ferrous Gluconate Iron 35mg X 3 daily. The last time my iron level were take this GP said I was in the low-below normal level that was in July/07. I have also given myself B12 shots in the past because I do not eat meat, leafy green vegy's or anything really that you need for good B12 level. I am a very sparatic eater, I like fruit, toast, soups (probably all bad stuff with little real nutritition. So I went for these blood tests last Wed at 3:00pm and my Dr office called me at 9:30am the next morning saying my Dr wanted to see me. Worried now! My father had leukemia around my age I am 55 he was 58 I take pantoloc for gerd due to eosophagal erosion (my father also had eosophagal cancer-2 totally different cancers).

When I went to the Dr he looked in my eyelids and they were not very pink/red, he lokked at my finger nails (pale with lines and thin) Also I am so tired I could fall alseep anywhere anytime even mid conversation if it takes too long. My tongue is always sore, I cannot handle anything sour or spicey it hurts. I have no energy. I feel spaced out (from being so tired?)Oh yea my hair is falling out I can take about 10-20 strands if I am fooling around with my hair-just handfulls it sees. I am pale or very fair. My neck glands under my ears always feel sore and I am always breathless-really breathless. I am on 3 inhaler's for suspicion of COPD but I am wondering now if low iron could be contributing, I have 2 hour naps throughout the day, or if I go out and about as soon as I get home I can't lie down fast enough and I will konk right out. I go from freezing cold to hot-hot-hot because my hubby keeps turning the heat up.

I know it's a lot to take in but I decided to throw it into the forum and see what any of you may know. My Dr follow up appt is not till Thursday the 18th-4 days away. Oh yea forgot to mention I did give myself a B12 shot about 3 weeks ago 2000mcg now could this deplete in this amount of time? I no longer have a period so it's not that.
Hi ebrena!

I know all about what low B12 does to the body...and the's not a pretty picture.Be carful with drinking soda....soda will stop your body from absorbing iron....and potassium(like in cranberry juices)will keep your body from absorbing B12.It was very interestin,but I remember telling my dr. that when I drank cranberry juice I would get extremely weak...of course he didn't have an answer to that.I just came across that info not that long ago...I'll have to "educate" the good doc about potassium.Funny,but my legs would get numb when I ate baked potatoes(I think they have lots of potassium in them too!).but now I can eat them and not get weird,isn't that?haha.

How are you doing today?Don't worry you know thursday will be here before you know it.I'm seeing my dr. on thursday too.....he was booked,but they fit me in so I'm thankful for that.It must be because I'm so special(just kidding!).

It's not easy stopping the supplements when youknow you need them,but like you said you don't want them to give a false reading on your blood labs........I feel so badly for you!The fatigue with B12 is so bad...I used to get tired just after brushing my hair or taking a shower....washing the dishes was hard...I'd have to do some and take a break every few minutes.....everything was exhausting...I fet "lazy",but I knew something was wrong,because who can wake up in the morning and feel like you're still tired after sleeping sound all night?I had all the symptoms so I know how it feels.The sore tongue and trouble swallowing and talking,fatigue,pins 'n needles in hands/feet,muscle weakness,confusion,loss of appetite,loss of fine touch,trouble walking,ringing in my ears,asthma,Lhermittes's sign,positive Romberg's sign,urinary incontinence,impaired vibration and position sense,sensory disturbance....I think that's all of them.....such a long list,but I had them all!

So how did your dr. dx you with fibromyalgia?I've read about it,but it seems so similar to so many other health problems.Is the pain very bad from that?

Oh yes the burning tongue...that is definately a low B12 symptoms...mine was very glossy,red and sore....soda made mine burn and even eatting cookies felt like little nails!

Your easy bruising could be from low platelets...low B12 tends to mess with other things like platelets,WBC,RBC...I had a count of 2 on my WBC and platelets were down to 120 and some other things were off range too.Thankfully B12 injections reverses most if not all of the neurological damage that low B12 causes.

MMA is methylmalonic's a test that shows your MMA level...whenit's high then the dr. knows you have a B12 deficiency at the tissue level.Drs. use that test when you have a low to low normal B12 level which is what I had and they call it a hidden B12 deficiency.Oh yeah my spine hurt soooo bably too...and the dr. said I had sub acute degeneration of the spinal cord which was reversed with the B12 much fun,huh?ugh!!!!

Well you must let me know how it goes at your dr. visit thursday...I will be going to my dr. I'll keep you posted on my dr. visit too.

Well take care and just rest as much as you need to.....have a good night~

hi ebrena!

Well I just giot back from my "lovely" drs. visit.....he is an idiot fr sure.I didn't get my B12 shot,because he diudn';t put it into the darn now I have to wait 'til Dec.29th.Plus I have a sinus infection(that's why my glands are swollen and my throat is beet red!!!!).So now I have to take an antibiotic(erythromycin..which depletes B12....Great,Huh?)and I'm sure I'll be half dead from that.I just want to cry me a river....I'm looking for a new dr....I can't take this crap's like the dr. Knows I need B12 and just flat out Forgets to put my B12 shot in the computer and the idiotic nurse says "she can't disturb him while he's with another patient!)....So Much Fo Caring.

Thanks for letting me Vent~

Did you know metformin depletes B12 too?So that's good you take B12.You have a lot of health issues...I know how you feel!!!!My husband has to "put up with me" too,but I told him I'd gladly trade places with him...he can have the hot sweating and mood swings and all my neurological problems...that will be the day...ha!

Well I'm just going to Forget about that dr. visit or I'll stress myself out.....and it's not worth it.

I know what you mean about taking all the meds to just feel "normal".My problem is I'm Allergic to almost Everything!!!!!The dr. also forgot to order me my now I have to call them back.....I'll make sure I tell them to Have A Nice Day!

We are in for 12 to 14 inches of snow tonight....YUCK!We went to the store after the drs. so we have enough food and everything if we get snowed in.

I know what I want for Christmas....A New Doctor!!!!!!!!!! I'm Serious!

Do you get muscle fasiculation with the fibromyalgia?Just wondering,because I get them in my ankles and feet and sometimesmy calves.Then I get a deep,penetrating,dull pain sometimes in the top of my right foot or in an area of my shins....but my dr. knows Absolutely Nothing About Nothing!!!!

My tongue is so sore...I know it's from my low B12,but now I have to wait another 8 days for a B12 shot.I think I'll just go buy some sub~lingual B12......or I'll be in a coma too!!!!

I hate going to the drs. too and I know why,because mine doesn't care about me.

Well at least you got your B12 results,but sometimes what the blood level shows isn't a good source for what's at the tissue level...that's why the MMA test is way better.Anyways thanks for posting your news~~~~sorry I am such a big crab today,but I really am glad you posted...makes me feel like I'm not the only one tired of not feeling well and having to put up with drs.

Take care ebrena~

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