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[QUOTE=FLFLOWERGIRL;3826272]ebrena--Well, I think I remember now that you said you had Hashi's in another post. I didn't know that at the time I posted, your symptoms just sound so much thyroid related. Do you take a t-3 med/t-4 combo by any chance? I am reading the Thyroid Solution right now and it states that if you have fibro-Hypo that you really need to be treated with this med protocol. I have many of your same symptoms, but have not been DX with Fibro my Endo is terrible anyway but I will not go there. I read that when treated with these meds much of the pain and symptoms go away. It's worth a try for you if you have not done so already. Many people with Hashi's also have a low ferritin it is a known fact. FLFFLOWERGIRL:)[/QUOTE]

Hi again Flowergirl I don't know what a t-3 med/t-4combo is but please tell me so I can tell my Dr next week. I am definatley going to have my thyroid rechecked and I think they only check the basics. I used to go to an endocologist and I think she was looking ayt the whole scope because there was a time a GP had me on 250mcg's synthroid throwing my thyroid off and shutting down my pituatory gland I was a mess I didn't even look like myself. Everytime I got a cold he would up my synthroid my endo was beside herself over that. Now I take 100mcgs and have for a couple years so it's time to check it out, my nails are soft and my hair is coming out and I really do have all the signs of Thyroid issue's again.-Thanks for bringing that up to me.

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