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You guys have been so great, hopefully someone will have some words of wisdom for me here.

My hemoglobin and ferritin have been really low, but have recently started to come up a little (last hemoglobin 8.7 up from 7.7) with weekly iron injections. However, I also wasn't having a period...haven't had one in three months because I have been piggy-backing birth control.

Now I've got my period again (it always breaks through) and it's quite heavy...not quite as bad as when I wasn't on the pill but still heavy and I'm passing large clots.

I've been feeling symptomatic almost non-stop for the last two months (mainly cold, tired, short of breath) but now it's starting to get a little worse. I've been holding off going to the hospital because I'm not sure if there is even anything they can do for me...can't really stop the bleeding and I'm not even sure if one period can have much of an effect on things while I'm this low. I am dizzy when I get up though, and I have this awful headache and everything seems a bit blurry.

Any advice? Should I go back in? Usually when I go the most that gets done is just I end up with a few bags of IV fluid given, monitored for awhile, and sent home to follow-up.

Plus, I have endometriosis and the pain is really bad, and I'm scared if I go to the hospital they won't treat the pain...and I'm able to treat the pain at home.

I basically feel caught in a catch-22, and because I feel so unbelievably awful, I can't seem to get out of the fog to make any sort of rational decision. So any help would really be appreciated.

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