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I had a cbc done and my hemoglobin was 9.7, hematocrit was 30.1, mcv
71.8 and mch 23.1. My platelet count is 408. I had a total iron test and
it showed Iron total 16L, Iron binding cappacity 532H, and % saturation 3L
and a level of Ferritin of 2L? What do you think this means. I have just
started taking pavilic for the low iron. Please let me know if you have any
suggestions. I will be following up with the doctor after the holidays.
Your CBC states that you are anemic. Your doctor first should find out what is causing your blood loss. When I was first diagnosed with anemia, my hgb was 8 and my platelet was like 450. I was so tired and used to almost pass out if I did too much. I could hardly walk and was having chest pain. That is what got me into seeing the doctor. I had stomach ulcer which bleed, hypothyroidism and had heavy periods which all lead to my sudden anemia. I would also break out in a cold sweat from just doing the littlest thing.
It will take a while for your doctors to figure out the cause of your anemia, but I would suggest a good hematologist.
Now you can have low ferritin w/o anemia. You are anemic when your hgb falls below the normal range. For me, after years of iron infusion, I am no longer anemic but I still battle with ferritin loss. That is something my hematologist and I are working on.
How are you feeling?

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