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You need a high dose iron to build the ferritin stores. It takes a long time, you are clearly responding well. When they check your iron serum do they do the full iron panel like the T Sat-% also? This is the number to look at regarding iron overload and you are not near overloading. [B] A fasting ferritin greater than 200 and a T Sat% of 45% is indicative of overload. [/B]So, you will be fine, you just need to monitor with blood tests.

When taking calcium with iron, it inhibits the absorption. So, when taking a multivitamin with iron and calcium, I'm not sure how much iron you really would be getting. Also, when eating cereal, if you are adding milk, you would be up against the same thing by inhibiting absorption once again. [B] Some people eat their cereal with OJ to increase the results.[/B] Best of luck to you. FLFLOWERGIRL:)[/QUOTE]


1. % Saturation = 16.3%, which is calculated from TIBC;) so I am not overloaded with it at all.

2. I don't take multi vitamins now, I just take iron-focused and complex B tablets. I drink mineral water every day, too. All that I can find the best in the market is Ferrochel, as ferros bis-glycinate chelate. They claim that it is more bioavailable than other forms of iron, although I found there is 48 mg of Calcium in it (could interfere with iron? why those companis have that happen?) The instructions is to have 1 tablet daily, and warn of not exceeding the recommended dose. So I decide to take 27 mg of it every day to lesser the fatigue after blood loss.

3. I am sorry that I don't understand what OJ is:confused:



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