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I have taken about 3 months of iron supplement,which is only 14-18mg of iron (I did not want to take excess of iron, just afraid of iron-toxic). I have a whole cereal meal every day, too. But I also have heavy periods. So labs came out as following

Ferritin 42.7 (6-159)==the original was 34
VB12 1598 (156-672)==the original was 242
Folate 7.52 (3.2-6.4) ==Fell to less high level from >24
Serum Iron 8.97 (11-30)==Even lower than previously
TIBC 54.97 (50-77)

RBC 4.30 (3.5-5.0)
WBC 6.1 (4-10)
HGB 131 (110-150)
HCT 0.391 (0.35-0.45)
MCH 30.6 (27-31)
MCHC 336 (320-360)
RDW 13.1 (11-16)
LY% 43.2 (20-40)==Don't know why it is always higher than normal as previously
NE% 46.2 (50-70)==Don't know why it is always lower than normal as previously
LY# 2.64 (1.0-3.3)
NE# 2.82 (1.8-6.4)
PLT 201 (100-300)==higher than the original
PCT 0.159 (0.11-0.28)
MPV 7.9 (7-12)
MCV 91.1 (82-95)
EO% 1.9 (0.5-5)
BA% 0.4 (0-1)
EO# 0.12 (0.05-0.3)
BA#0.02 (0-0.1)

My doctor insisted that I am not anemic at all:mad:, so I have to self-treated. I felt like lack of oxygen after having blood work (more blood loss). I plan to take higher dose of iron, 27 mg every day(what I take is Ferrochel, registered patented highly absorble iron). but still afraid of mineral overloading!:( What is your opinion?

Thanks and Merry Christmas;)
[QUOTE=Audrey-B;3830223]I agree with FLFLOWERGIRL, heavy periods wont be helping your situation. Do you know why you are getting heavy periods? In my case, i only found out recently that a pelvic ultrasound i had done over 2 years ago showed a fibroid in the submucosal postion. When it's in this particular position it can lead to heavy periods, continuous spotting after the period is over, pelvic pain, infertility. Not every person will experience all these symptoms. I only began getting the bad pelvic pains more and more recently when my period has finished. I went for another ultrasound a couple of weeks ago and the fibroid has grown.

Have you had a pelvic ultrasound to rule out any issue in that area? you could have fibroids as a lot of people have them. Fibroids will cause different symptoms depending on the position they are situated. You can look it all up on the net. My doctor told me 2 years ago when i had the first ultrasound that all was normal, even though i told her my symptoms. it was only recently when i was on holidays from work i was doing a clean up of my paperwork and i found these old results and looked up what all the medical words meant and found out the information on the net matched my symptoms exactly.

Fibroids can be as a result of high estrogen as they thrive in that type of environment. They typically shrink after menopause when estrogen drops. I'm only 42 and nowhere near menopause and if i take after my mother i wont go through menopause till i'm well into my late 50's, so that's a long time to put up with bad periods, loss of blood, and bad cramps ( i never get cramps at the start of my period, only when it's all over). I'm not sure what to do. I'm on herbs from a naturopath to keep my periods 'normal', meaning light flow and regular. I don't want to stay on these herbs till i'm 60!! but don't want to get rid of the fibroid as it will only grow back if my estrogen stays high.

You might want to look into that side of things rather than simply keep taking an iron supplement, which wont fix your period problem.[/QUOTE]

Thanks, Audrey, Actually I have had my Estrogen tested two times, one was in the appropriate time, the other was not. All my sex hormones are at a low level in the range:( I asked my doctor, but she said it is just OK and ask me to wait until the hypo is corrected.:mad:

The first time I have 3 of them tested, tested on the 3rd day OF(within) the cycle.

E2 22.3 (11-165)
Progesterone 1.08 (0.15-1.4)
Testosterone 33.10 (14-76)

The second time I have 6 of them tested, on the 3rd day AFTER the period. They were tested at a wrong time when Estrogen rises after period was finised! But they are continously low! The endo doc said that could be caused by hypopituitarism, but still didn't confirm it:(:confused:

E2 76.5(11-165)
Progesterone 0.66 (0.15-1.4)
Testosterone 58.29 (14-76)
PRL 3.89 (2.8-29.2)
FSH 5.38 (2.5-10.2)
LH2 3.68 (1.9-12.5)

I reviewed my abnormal level of NE% ,LY%, and serum iron, suspect that is caused by a chronic infection, or even a malign thyroid tumor:( I have TG tested firstly diagnosed with Hashi's and it was at a very high level. A 5mm size of small nodule was also found.

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