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I have taken about 3 months of iron supplement,which is only 14-18mg of iron (I did not want to take excess of iron, just afraid of iron-toxic). I have a whole cereal meal every day, too. But I also have heavy periods. So labs came out as following

Ferritin 42.7 (6-159)==the original was 34
VB12 1598 (156-672)==the original was 242
Folate 7.52 (3.2-6.4) ==Fell to less high level from >24
Serum Iron 8.97 (11-30)==Even lower than previously
TIBC 54.97 (50-77)

RBC 4.30 (3.5-5.0)
WBC 6.1 (4-10)
HGB 131 (110-150)
HCT 0.391 (0.35-0.45)
MCH 30.6 (27-31)
MCHC 336 (320-360)
RDW 13.1 (11-16)
LY% 43.2 (20-40)==Don't know why it is always higher than normal as previously
NE% 46.2 (50-70)==Don't know why it is always lower than normal as previously
LY# 2.64 (1.0-3.3)
NE# 2.82 (1.8-6.4)
PLT 201 (100-300)==higher than the original
PCT 0.159 (0.11-0.28)
MPV 7.9 (7-12)
MCV 91.1 (82-95)
EO% 1.9 (0.5-5)
BA% 0.4 (0-1)
EO# 0.12 (0.05-0.3)
BA#0.02 (0-0.1)

My doctor insisted that I am not anemic at all:mad:, so I have to self-treated. I felt like lack of oxygen after having blood work (more blood loss). I plan to take higher dose of iron, 27 mg every day(what I take is Ferrochel, registered patented highly absorble iron). but still afraid of mineral overloading!:( What is your opinion?

Thanks and Merry Christmas;)

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