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Re: Please help
Dec 26, 2008
For some reason I can't post on this board unless the subject line is less than a few words? Weird, anyway...
[B]srthomas21--Welcome to the boards! :wave:[/B]

My Ferritn is 7 and IBC is 8 . I've been feeling light headed/foggy for a few weeks now. Is this due to low iron? It's really freaking me out. I just don't feel like myself.
[B]Are you sure that your TICB is an 8 because that seems impossible it sounds like you mean your T-Sat is an 8, is this possible? Light headed and foggy feeling can be a symptom of anemia or low ferritin/low iron.[/B]

The biggest issue right now is my eyes are just not right. My vision isn't blurry but it's like it takes some time to focus and they are sensitive to light and water more than normal and feel tired.
[B]When I was at my worst point I had blurred vision in one eye and redirecting my focus was hard. My eyes also itched so bad I couldn't stand it. My doc told me to use eye drops and clearly it was due to the anemia.[/B]

Has anybody had these symptoms? They are hard to describe. It also feels like my balance is a little off.
[B]I also had balance issues really bad, and I would hit the doorways when walking through:dizzy:.[/B]

[B]Many of your symptoms could very possibly be related but you will only know definitively when you have normal levels once again and then you can see if there are any symptoms left over. It becomes really complicated trying to figure out what is anemia, low iron or what:confused:. It's easier to wait and watch approach. It's really the only way not even a doctor can tell you what is what from my experience. I think that when your body gets so run down this is when other things (that may be lurking) tend to reveal themselves. I would not stress over symptoms at this point. I did and got
nowhere fast, even after extensive testing. Best of luck to you. FLFLOWERGIRL:)[/B]

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