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I'm sorry that you are not getting the care and advice you need from your GP. Have you been his patient for a long time? I ask because I'm wondering if perhaps you should be seeking your care from another GP who will take your blood levels seriously and investigate why your ferritin is so low.

The first thing that I would suggest is that you get a copy of your blood test results so that you can see exactly what all your numbers are. You can then post them here and some of the "experts" here will be able to help interpret them. I think the second thing you need to do is find another GP or if you do not need his permission just make an appointment with a hematologist who will be able to investigate further. You may even need to see a Gastroenterologist to determine if you have a GI bleed which could be causing the low blood levels.

This is what happened to me - my ferritin was a 5 in July and my GP sent me to a GI who did a celiac bllod panel to see if I had celiac which causes malabsorption. When that was negative, I then had to have a colonoscopy to see if there was any lower GI bleeding. Again that was negative so she then did a capsule endoscopy to check my small intestine which was negative. Since I had an upper endoscopy (which checks the stomach) in March she did not do another one of those but you might need one. so next stop was to see a hematologist who did some very thorough bloodwork and immediatley put me on oral iron (Niferex 150) twice a day and is monitoring me monthly. I see her next Wednesday as a matter of fact.

You didn't say how old you are and if you still have your period. If so that might be the first cause of your problem and perhaps that needs to be addressed.

I know it is hard to change doctors (been there, done that!) but you need someone who will follow up and help you feel better.

Take Care!

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