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moommin - firstly congratulations on getting to 58 ....... fires the starting gun for the moommin and FLFLOWERGIRL ferretin race to reach 70 :bouncing:

Like you ladies, my ferretin took forever to rise and like you moommin my digestion was woeful. My doctor did a stool analysis where they check to see what you are not digesting eg: protein, carbs or fats. I wasn't digesting protein correctly due to insufficient digestive enzymes provided by my pancreas. Looking back, i think my ferretin began climbing faster once my digestive enzymes took effect. My enzymes are prescription only. Years ago i had tried over the counter enzymes but they weren't too effective. I think they are more for people with minor problems.

Also like you moommin, even when my ferretin had rise i was tired all the time. Actually i got even more tired than when i was anemic!! It was at the start of this year i was diagnosed with a thyroid condition and poor adrenal function. So my tiredness stems from those issues.

It's a good idea as FLFLOWERGIRL said to keep an eye on your B12 too. Also have you had a gluten intolerance test done? gluten can cause all kinds of symptoms or no symptoms at all. Being gluten inolerant or full blown Celiac has in a lot of people stopped their ferretin from rising and some have ended up being anemic. Once they eliminated gluten from their diet they almost didn't even need to supplement with iron as their iron moved up of its own accord.

While you are at it, get your Vitamin D levels checked out. So many people are low in that and it's important for healthy bones among other things.

Happy New Year ladies and looking forward to another interesting year on the Anemia board :)
moommin - in an earlier post you asked about enzymes. I'm taking digestive enzymes to help with my food digestion, in particular protein type foods, which i can't digest very well due to lack of pancreatic enzymes. Since taking these enzymes i feel that my ferretin has moved up fater than before when i wasn't on them.

Sometimes we can lack digestive enzymes due to the type of diet we eat eg: lack of fresh foods in our diet (uncooked), things like fruit, veg, bean sprouts, alfalfa, nuts etc. On the other hand, something internally could be stopping your system from making these enzymes as it is in my case. Alternatively as we age, from about 40 onwards, our system naturally stops making sufficient enzymes.

If you dont have sufficient enzymes to digest your food, undigested food particles will ferment in your body and can cause other side effects. In my case my doctor believes undigested protein has fermented and inflammed my thyroid. It's also been known to cause arthritis in people as well as allergies among other things. It also stops you from getting the full benefit of vitamins/minerals from the foods you eat and leads to malabsorption. The way my doctor found this out was ordering a stool analysis test which specifically looks for this type of stuff.

The enzymes i'm on are prescritpion only and are natural. They've been made from actual pigs pancreas. I know that sounds YUK, but they've helped me to no end. No more major bloating after eating the tiniest meal and i used to eat myself out of house and home before, but now i do get hungry, but 'normal' hungry and eat normal meals.

I've also had a gluten intolerance test and it came up that i'm a bit intolerant, so i've cut back from a lot of gluten and my aim is to one day be totally gluten free. Gluten intolerance can also interfere with raising ferretin levels and can lead to malabsorption of vitamins/minerals too.

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