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Charli - you mentioned in an earlier post that you were diagnosed as hyperthyroid? With your eye issues, are you sure you might not have or be at the start of Graves? Usually the people who have Graves have more of a tendancy to have the eye issues.

I'm hypothyroid and have Hashimoto's. Before medicating me, my doctor double checked that i didn't have Graves too, as some people are unfortunate to have both Hashimoto's and Graves. Talk about bad luck!!

No matter what thyroid problem you have, most of us share a lot of similarities, such as the low ferretin, low vitamin D, gluten intolerance, lower B12 and also either low/high iodine levels.

It's normal to feel depressed or down when you are having more than likely multiple health issues or being low when it comes to certain vitamins/minerals. Also if your T4 for your thyroid is lower than it ought to be, that alone can bring on depression and antidepressant meds wont be of any value.

The other thing to look into is adrenal fatigue. I used to think it was only my ferretin i had to worry about, but once it began rising and i was still tired, i found out later that i had adrenal fatigue and my adrenals were not making sufficient of the hormone Cortisol. Some people's adrenals make too much Cortisol and this is bad too.

I was speaking to a doctor at my local medical centre and he said people with underactive thyroid have a tendancy for higher cholesterol, while those who are overactive have more of a tendancy for high blood pressure.

At the end of the day there aren't distinct symptoms for one particular illness and as you likely are aware, so many illnesses share similar symptoms. With your ferretin, i believe waiting one year to get restest is WAYYYYYY too long. My previous doctor was testing me every 3 months. My new thyroid doctor retests my ferretin every 6 weeks when he retests my full thyroid panel as he's still tweaking my thyroid meds.

With the B12 it's better to be at the higher end of the scale. My dad was only 21 off of rock bottom and his gp told him he was fine. I ended up buying some sublingual B12 tablets for him to take each day. A lot of doctors don't care and you are just a number to them. This is why boards like this are terrific and you can learn so much from other people's experiences.

All the best and hope you feel better soon :)

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