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I am delighted to have finally come across people with low iron problems.

Ive been fighting the chronic tiredness/ hair loss/ anxiety etc for 2yrs. When I first went to the GP my readin was 11 - he told me that was fine and just to take suppliments for 3mths, which I did. Still no change in me a couple of months later so I went back, this time he gave me anti-depressents and said that there was no point in checking my iron as I had panic disorder?!?!
To cut a long story short Ive been to see many GPs and they all just tell me my iron is low and to take suppliments. After 2 yrs on Galfer my reading was 25 in August 08. I went back to the first GP in Oct 08 as I was so worn out, he told me to stop taking the iron as it obviously wasn't working, he wouldnt give me a note for work (I was so weak I had to be helped to the docs) and told me that all he could give me was anti-depressents!!!!

At this stage I have almost given up but reading your posts have really helped as I see Im not the only one who KNOWS that their own levels are a problem.

Ive increased iron in my diet and I really saw the different when I got my period last month (normally floored at that time of the month).

Question is: what do I do next? Who do I go to see? What do I ask for etc? Anyone recommend a good doc in Ireland?

Grateful for any hints/ tips/ shoves in the right direction. It's 2009 and I want my life back!

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