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Dropping CBCs?????
Jan 6, 2009
(I apologize in advance for the double post, but I don't know if this is more pertinent to "Anemia" or "Blood Disorders.")

I had blood work done a couple of weeks ago and got the results back this week. When I compared the results to my blood work from May 08, I noticed that nearly all of my counts have dropped. I've called my doctor but am having a difficult time getting a hold of her to talk about it so I was hoping I could get some input here. Here are the results. I'm a 24 y.o. female, btw.

CBC - HH - WBC (M) 8.0, (D) 4.6; RBC (M) 4.12 , (D) 3.88; Hgb (M) 14.4, (D) 13.7; Hct (M) 42.3, (D) 40.3. (I can't find my complete report from May with these next counts, but here's my December counts. I remember the doc in May (different from the one in December) telling me I had pernicious RBCs and that they were large and floppy, but that it wasn't anemia.) MCV (D) 103.9; MCH (D) 35.3; MCHC (D) 34.0; RDW (D) 12.9; PLT (D) 149; MPV (D) 10.7.

A few years ago, this Dec. doctor, who is my primary, told me I needed to take B12 supplements, so I've been doing that. The May doctor told me my B12 was a little high in my blood stream and told me to take folate supplements, so I've been taking those, too. In May, my B12 was >1500; in December, it's 1055. My Dec. folate is >20.

My TSH in May was 1.21; in December, it's 1.76.

I have pretty low energy and get exhausted easily. I'm just pretty fatigued all day. Also, I get exerted very easily - I have a very hard time working out and get out of breath quickly. I also start coughing up a lot of mucous when I run.

Also, I have VERY cold hands all the time. I get cold easily, but my hands are terrible. People comment on them all the time, and they are uncomfortable. I can't get any help from a doctor about this. They just say it's interesting. I'm getting frustrated with that because it's uncomfortable for me, and it's certainly uncomfortable when I touch people. Any ideas by looking at the entire picture?

I'd appreciate any help and ideas. I'm puzzled and don't know what to do next. Do I need to see a hematologist? And is there ANY explanation and remedy for my ice cold hands?

Thanks very much!

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