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GG--Your in the right place, as susieq14 says; you cannot give up! We do not permit that here, LOL!

I know how you are feeling because I had a very similar experience going through my anemia. I started to develop panic when I saw doctors and had to take Xanax for 6 months for muscle cramps in my neck. It also worked for me seeing the white coats! I feel that it really saved me to be able to take a pill that made it so much better to cope with everything. I am not a believer in meds if you don't really need them, but when you do, there is a place for them. If you are not an addictive personality because it can be addictive. Several people on this board in the past have had to resort to this drug for help.

I was like you bleeding and anemic for 7 months and it took me an additional 9 months to get my Hgb to an optimal point. It really isn't something that is over quickly at all for most people, depending on how low you go, and how soon it is corrected. It took me 7 months to get to a 9 ferritin. You will not go up in the ferritin as long as this is still happening. So, don't even expect it to go up. Be patient until you get scoped and have more answers. This will eliminate a few things too. You will know more and you will be that much closer to answers. I got out of the anemic stage after just 2 months because I took a lot of iron, but it landed me in the ER and then I was unable to take iron anymore so my Hgb dropped. It is very scary when these things are happening and you have no answers, they really weren't sure what my problems were because I had so many symptoms. So, I can say the only thing that you can do is continue your shots and be patient until further test and if you need it ask for anxiety meds because you sound anxious to me, which is a symptom of you know.....anemia. I also think you are expecting way too much of yourself by working a job and expecting your body to function under these circumstances. I had to quit my job and I am just now getting to where I am feeling better and able to run with a ferritin of 58 finally! Know that soon enough you will get more answers and things will get better, I promise. Hang in there and know that how you are feeling is completely normal believe it or not. Best of luck to you and do keep posting. We are here for you so vent away!!! FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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