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Thanks again to everyone for your support in my last thread, I'm still hanging in, saw the doc again today and expressed my concerns. We are still going to try and go ahead with the colonoscopy on the 16th, although they are looking at options to help me wtih the prep because with my electrolytes being off and anemia still being bad they are worried about my ability to tolerate it.

I will have much more results early next week, but for now I was only able to get a quick look at things, but I saw something that confused me and I thought maybe some of you more experienced people might be able to help me out. My hemoglobin and ferritin still haven't budged (it was checked again today and I'll know next week) but they haven't gone down either. They seem a little discouraged it's not going up at all with the lack of periods and the iron shots, but at least it hasn't gone down. The problem is, I noticed some of my other numbers (mainly MCV, MCHC, RDW and Platelets) were more off than they have ever been. Does that make sense? I mean, my hemoglobin has at least come up over the last month and a half...hasn't been moving recently but I'm not down in the seventies like I was. So I don't understand why the other stuff would be worsening. The platelets especially concern me because they are high, and I'm on BCP and have circulation problems in my legs, and I take the pill continuously. I don't want to put myself at risk for blood clots.

If anyone has any thoughts that would be great, and hopefully I can post next week with more accurate and updated results.
GG--When you are as anemic as you are, your other numbers will also reflect this on labs. My MCV was 65 low, range 80-98, (this is considered severely low; small, pale, blood cells) and my Platelets were 462 High, range 140-415. Blood cells also live for about 120 days, so things don't get better right away as your Hgb levels go up slightly. Also, when I got to 12.9 and was no longer anemic my blood cells MCV were still at 65 Low, so you see what I am saying. It takes time, and symptoms from these other things seem to persist at least for me it did for a longer duration of time. Being at risk (for many things) is a part of the anemia process that is happening and only building iron and time can and will change these values. If you are concerned about the BCP then you should consult the doctor that prescribed this to you to discuss your risk factors. Many people do take BCP's when anemic. Try not to worry so much about all the things that you cannot control. This was a BIG problem for me and it only made things a lot worse for me, but it is my personality. Post your other numbers when you get them and we can take a look to see if there is anything else that we can add to help further.

If, you are going to have the Colonoscopy and I hope you do, ask for the Osmo Prep pills verses the drink form. It is much easier to tolerate even though there are many pills, I hear it's the only way to go now. Best of luck to you, take care. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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