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I have had six kids. With every pregnancy they have said your anemic take some iron. Well, I just assumed it was no big deal-no one ever said it was anything less then normal. Well, now I'm 37 and have felt life a train wreck for about a year now. I have always took iron-and vitamins. I have also always had a well balanced diet. So why has my numbers dropped? My doctor says it's because I'm getting old and having heavy periods. Well, I can live with that if I felt better. The fatigue is awful. I'm also having pain in my chest(my ecg came back abnormal). Though they said it was no big deal. Here are my numbers...please....someone help and tell me where to turn. My doctor just says "up iron consumption." Well, I have with no return! Also, might I ad I gained 30 pounds for the first time in my life(I have always been a health nut and should not have gained weight). Again, she say it's due to my age.

Heb 10.7LOW
Hem 32.LOW
MCHC 33.5
TIBC 426
IRON SATURATION 6 ALERT(This is the first time I have had a blood test with the words alert)

I really don't know what any of this means-other then I'm still anemic. Should I find another doctor? Or is doing nothing OK? Also, my OBGYN helped me get a colonoscopy about 3 years ago-it just came back that I had hemeroids(I guess no big deal).

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