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[QUOTE=FLFLOWERGIRL;3849710]GG--Before you only take one bottle you need to ask about that. If you are not cleaned out properly they won't do the procedure after all you have been through to that point, it would be a disappointment not to be able to have it. I drank a ton of water and I went over and over even up until the last minute but it was only water but I had the urge. The said a little would be okay and that they would just suck out anything that would get in the way. How's that for too much informaiton!!!! I would follow the instructions, whatever that may be. Best of luck to you. FLFLOWERGIRL:)[/QUOTE]

Thanks Flowergirl! I know about that...maybe I didn't put it in my first post (in which case I'm sorry) but I've actually had the procedure once before, it's just that I wasn't anemic at the time. That's why I'm extra concerned about the prep. During that one, I was going completely liquid well before I was supposed to take another dose, and I remember calling the hospital and they said as long as it was clear then I didn't need to go with the second dose (they said the same thing to me about sucking it out...ewww!). So that's the only reason I'm thinking I might not have to do it this time, I know it's important to follow instructions :)

I would be very upset if I went through everything and they didn't do the procedure.

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