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I'm new to the Health Boards but want to share my story. My symptoms are:

Exhaustion (was taken out of work today for 10 days by my internist)
Can't concentrate
Cry easily
Can't remember things
Can't breath---hard time getting a deep breath
Get winded VERY easily
Low ferritin (10)
Low iron (11---my all time low was a 9)
ICE ICE BABY! I want ICE ALL THE TIME when my iron is low.
Terribly sore tongue
Brittle nails? (they won't even grow anymore)
Soaring reticulocyte count (123,000 and still going)
Muscles are very weak, especially large muscles
People tell me I "look tired" and asked me, "Did you have a bad day?" And I don't have bags under my eyes, but somehow, they see this in my face, eyes, etc.

When I first started feeling bad five years ago, I complained to my dr (internist) about abdominal pain and heart palps, she thought it was depression and only worried about my stomach and stress. She sent me first to the gastro who looked for a bleeding ulcer (I had one in the past but it was nearly healed at that point and not bleeding). Gastro missed the fact that I was anemic in the blood work he did and when my heart raced and skipped beats on the day he did the endoscopy no one ever asked why my heart was skipping even though they could hear it on the monitors. Meantime I had a yearly pelvic exam and my Gyno diagnosed adenomyosis. She did a pelvic ablation which helped only a little. It slowed the anemia, but heavy periods returned within 5 months. So I went back to the internist still complaining of heart symptoms. Internist sent me to a cardio who did the full work up. I passed the nuclear stress test with flying colors so he was???? . He did a cardiac catheterization that I realized later was completely unnecessary because had he (or my internist) looked at my blood count, they would have seen my iron was 9 and ferritin was non existent. They missed it and never said a this day..they don't know they missed it.
When I was simply told by the cardiologist "lose weight and your heart will stop fluttering" I was crushed because I knew he wasn't listening. Besides, he did all the expensive tests, got his money, and now I couldn't bring him anymore bucks. So....I went to a nutritionist who asked me, "Do you crave anything unusual" and I told her "just ice." She was the one who told me, "unofficially" of course, that i was anemic. So I took it in my own hands to see a hematologist (thank goodness I have open/flexible insurance) and he told me immediately that I was terribly iron deficient and gave me the 5 hour iron treatment. All was great for one year but now I'm back at iron of 12 (teetering toward 11) and ferritin 10 and feel awful. Hemo has to wait to give me iron until my level is a 10.
So for now, I'm a tired, ice crunching mess until it bottoms out again and I can get the iron injection I need.
I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. Sorry this was so long, but I hope it helps someone out there.

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