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I too have alot of the symptoms..

Cold hands and feet
Restless legs And arms..
Rock hard, painful Muscles especially upper arms and shoulders
very clumsy
sometimes cant take full deep breaths
occasional heart palpitations
Face looks dull and tires
Nails hardly grow most
Damaged hair
joint problems
get tired very quickly
I too cry easily
and more but cant remember!

Lately for the past 2 weeks I have noticed that whenever I come out of the shower, the veins on my arms and Palms are clearly visible and have a darkish blue colour... I cant remember ever seeing the veins on my palms and fingers before!!

Oh and because of the restless legs and arms I cant sleep without curling up like a baby ( legs and arms curled up under my body with my back up) but then they go numb so I wake up again and arrgghh i hate it!

I hate being aneamic. There is so much I wat to do, like exercise and lose weight but my muscles go hard as a rock.
Doctors just give me iron tablets (ferrous sulphate)

I try to eat iron rich foods daily.. especially eatind a salad of beetroot, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, thyme etc..

--- Why do doctors always think loosing weight will end all illnesses!!!

Also What was the 5 hour treatment you had?


When I was simply told by the cardiologist "[COLOR="DarkRed"]lose weight and your heart will stop fluttering" [/COLOR]

So I took it in my own hands to see a hematologist (thank goodness I have open/flexible insurance) and he told me immediately that I was terribly iron deficient and gave me the [COLOR="DarkRed"]5 hour iron treatment. [/COLOR]

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