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blueboss--Welcome to the boards!!! It may take a long time, at least it was for me. I had blurred vision in one eye a few times, but it would go away. I had body twitching forever it seemed like. After a meal I would have palpitations due to the digestion process. Tachycardia, pulse over 100, mine was 133. Anxiety and very high blood pressure at times. At one time I had a low grade fever for 3 months and night sweats. I think this was due to the enteritis that I had for 3 months from the iron supplements. Muscle weakness, numbness and tingling. Eyes itched and were red. Pale, white, cold hands and feet. Fatigue and had to stop working. I think that was it but I always forget something, that's right brain fog too!!!!

What are your Hgb & Hct and RBC counts, if you want to share? Did you find a cause for your IDA. It is not normal or usual for a male to be anemic. Just checking. Do you donate blood? Best of luck to you. FLFLOWERGIRL:)
I am on synthroid and a couple of years ago I thought, this is silly and quit taking it. Well, after a while, my right eye started twitching. Not just the twitch that stops when you look in the mirror, but it was twitch so bad, that if I was talking face to fact with someone, I would have to put my hand over my eye.

After researching, the net, I found that stopping by stopping the synthroid, I had caused my eye to twitch. Once I went back on the pills, the twitching stopped. Took about a month to fully stop.
[QUOTE=blueboss;3847134]anybody goes through eye twitching??
or weird feeling in eye?

also anybody have a weird feeling after eating a meal??

also weird feeling in your throat?
please describe your syptoms?

when you take some iron aren't you supposed to feel better?:confused:[/QUOTE]

What's your thyroid levels? My husband had that weird feeling in his throat when he's thyroid was over-active. And he's always been prone to stomache unease too ... (turns out he also had a gallbladder thingy.)

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