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[QUOTE=mysixpack;3847965]High blood pressure
fevers twice a day (low 100.7 or higher)
joint pain
extreme fatigue(I feel like I've been awake for 10 hours, instead of sleeping for 8 hours)
moody(most doctors think this is depression-not me)
chest pain/palpitations
numbness and tingling
cold hands and feet
chest turns red
can't concentrate
kidney pain

Though I was told my anemia isn't bad-I can't imagine if it could feel any worse![/QUOTE]
I forge to to mention restless leg syndrome. I too have stomach pain-upper-near gallbladder and lower-two sharp pains (it feels like each ovary is being stabbed. It does not go across-it stays in the same two spots and goes back and forth.)I don't even know if any of this is related. It just all started at the same time.
Scribbls-when you talk about your iron being 12-what test are you talking about? Is it your iron Serum or iron saturation? My iron Serum is 25(it says low on my blood test)- My iron Saturation is 6(it says alert next to it on my blood test) My Ferritin Serum says 4(low next to it too). My doctor just sent me a note to up my iron consumption. I already told her I'm taking 200 mg a day for a year-and have always taken iron and a regular multi vitamin. She doesn't seem to think there is a link between all of my symptoms and these #'s. She wants to think I'm depressed-which I'm not and my age(37) means I'm getting old and should expect to feel this way. I'm wondering if I should see a hematologist. Or would those numbers not bother a hematologist and I would be wasting my time and money?

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