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Hi Dearie! :)

Sorry I haven't been around. Been up to my eyebrows in other stuff. Can't even remember how long it's been since posting here the last time. But anyhoo, my saga so far.... LOL!

Was in treatment for lyme and various coinfections for 7 months, including a picc line and IV antibiotics for more than a month. Fun!....not. Stopped all the meds about 3 months ago, largely because we ran out of money for the doctor (out of network).

Oddly, I feel pretty good, all things considered. The bone-crushing fatigue is gone, although I'm still kinda tired most of the time. Most of my physical symptoms have gone (the meds were making me sooooo sick!) and I'm left with a bunch of funky neuro stuff. Parasthesias, one-sided weakness, tremors, seizures, etc. More fun!

At this point, I'm not even sure I was dealing with lyme&co. My physical symptoms didn't improve while on the meds and the neuro stuff only got worse. Have appts with both an epileptologist and a top-shelf neurologist this month to see if they can figure out what's going on.

Herbie (thyroid nodule) is stable (as per the last u/s in Oct) so he's kinda taken a back seat to all the rest of the stuff for the time being. Will take care of him later on this year. Currently scoping out surgeons to deal with this for once and for all.

One interesting note: even though I'm definitely perimenopausal now (had a grand total of 3 menses last year), my ferritin's still going down. Was in the 40s a year ago and it's now down to 26. Still no idea what's going on with that. Back on iron supps again. Bleah!

re: B12 - wondering if it could also be the form of B12. Currently taking cyanocobalamin. Wondering if methylcobalamin would make any difference? I'm really dreading the after-effects of the shot more than the shot itself.

So how you doing? How's your son? Hope everything's going well. :)

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