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Hey Guys,

I'm getting really nervous...I took the Fleet Phosphosoda shortly before 6:00PM and very little has happened but I feel weak and cold. I've only gone to the bathroom once, and it wasn't even nearly as sudden or urgent as I recall from the past. Does anyone know if that's normal?

The last time I did this I was running for the bathroom after about 30minutes, so I'm worried something is going wrong. I really restricted my diet beforehand (barely ate and was basically just doing the poweraid and juice) so maybe that's why? Could it take longer if there is less to clear out?
GG--I was fairly cleaned out too before my prep, and it did take a while for it to get going, then once it began it kept on........ I'm sure nothing is wrong just give it time. Most likely by the time you read this post you will be on your way. I will be thinking of you. Best of luck to you and just think you will have more answers soon!! FLFLOWERGIRL:)
Oh, I see Greengal is offline now....I hope that means that things are begining to "work".

Good Luck
Thanks to both of you guys. Things started to "work" a bit but it's still really strange (hope this isn't TMI), almost all liquid but then some solid shows up suddelnly. And I mean very liquid, I almost feel like I'm just peeing. It's very confusing and not at all what I expected.

Does anyone know if you normally get a break? Like would it be stupid for me to expect to get some sleep later tonight?
for my first c'scope in 2005, I used Fleet Phosphosoda and I remember that I was a nervous wreck because nothing happened until 11:30 pm ( I started drinking at 6:00 pm). I also remember that I ate very litely for all 3 of my scopes and there was very little solid material but lots of liquid like you described.

I slept thru the nite until my alram woke me up to do the next dose before we left the house to drive to hospital.

Sweet dreams :)
Take care!
best of luck tomorrow!
In my experience, the middle of the night was spent "pooping water"...clear water, all night. I just set myself in the recliner in the front room, heating pad, blankets, pillows, so as not to disturb my hubby. I turned on PBS, which is so easy to sleep with in the background, and spent the night, up and down...etc.

Just another experience to look back on and laugh...Pamper yourself through it, it'll all be over before you know it!

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