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Re: Sooooooo dizzy
Jan 16, 2009
am i going to be able to bring my iron levels back up again at home with just tablets?
[b]You really need a stat blood cbc to see how anemic you may or may not be? This is the only way to know what course of action to take for sure.

If you absorb iron, and are not a 7 hgb (which would require a blood transfusion), you should be able to raise your levels with iron supplements at home. Unless you have no ferritin (under 10), and they want you to have IV iron.

65mgs of elemental iron 2-3x daily, if you are really low, is usually prescribed. I have no idea what you should be taking without numbers and knowing the exact cause through diagnosis. It depends on the iron supplement too, some are really harsh and can make you ill.

I took 65mgs 2x and (x3=195) elemental iron daily, but the bottle reads 325 (something like that) ferris sulfate, when you actually only get 65mgs each tab, not 325 as the bottle leads you to believe. Next, i took poly iron 150 mgs elemental iron x2=300mgs. You need to read the bottle to see how much elemental iron is in the supplement. [/b]

ps have a hospital appointment for next week. Consultation for ablation.
Pps how many mg of iron should i be taking? My tablets are 200mg and i take 2 a day sometimes 3. Is this too much?

[b]Probably not at all. I had an ablation and have had wonderful results!!!!! I can't say enough good things about it. Best of luck to you. I hope you are feeling better soon. FLFLOWERGIRL:)[/b][/quote]

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