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Re: New lab work
Jan 21, 2009
hi bondsnlove - wow, you truly have gone through some trials!! Now that i understand that your malabsorption relates to the removal of your stomach i'm not even sure what suggestions to make. They are already giving you a heap of vitamin D, which is necessary for so many areas of health. You also need it to help absorb calcium. another thing i found out helps absorb calcium and increases blood levels of ferretin is the essential amino acid called Lysine. This can be taken with your oral iron supplement, but as your situation stands i'm surprised they aren't simply giving you iron infusions or injections at the very least. It's good you are taking the B12 shots as you are very low there. B12 and Vit D need to be up at the higher end of the lab range.

If you are on birth control pills they will deplete B vitamins and calcium. Nicotine from cigarettes will deplete a host of things too. If cigarette companies were only putting pure tobacco in cigarettes it likely wouldn't be an issue, but they put so many chemicals in cigarettes i'd be too scared to touch one. One of my friends gave up smoking and she looks like a new woman. It's even made her look younger than 40.

I don't understand much about the removal of the stomach and what functions still exist and what doesn't, but do you have a specialist you regularly checks you out and keeps you on track. Your case would be so different and needing more attention than a person who still has their stomach etc intact. My mums cousin had part of his stomach removed(i'm a bit sketchy on the detials) and everything has changed, from the foods he can eat, to how much he can eat in one sitting, to the times he can eat (has to eat very small meals every 2 hours). He gets iron infusions/injections once per month for life.

I don't know what to suggest. I do know if you are taking iron and it constipates you there are stool softeners you can buy. If it gives you IBS you can take iron phosphate with it. I've been taking Ferro-Grad C and it's been good on the stomach and no constipation and it's slow release. I still think for someone in your case you need more than mere over the counter iron supplements. I think you seriously need to talk to your doctor about what they are going to do.

Has your doctor mentioned prescribing digestive enzymes? I found out my pancrease was not producing sufficient enzymes so i wasn't able to digest protein very well. Undigested food can sit in your system and ferment, causing additional symptoms, which is not what you want happening. I once tried over the counter enzymes, but they weren't strong enough. Now that i've been on prescription ones i have noticed some changes.

It's no wonder you are shedding hair. Being low in so many nutrients and iron will do that to you. Being long term low in iron can lead to thyroid issues too. Has anybody checked out your full thyroid panel eg: TSH, T4, T3 and Thyroid Antibodies? Insufficient protein or not being able to digest your protein properly can lead to hair issues too. Your hair shedding could be solely due to the low ferretin or a number of things combined.

That's about all i can think of. I hope your doctors can help you out soon so you feel better. Take care :)

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