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B12 and iron issues
Jan 20, 2009
I was just looking up symptoms of low B12 and came across the fact that you need to avoid antacids, phosphates, typically found in soda drinks, beer, ice cream, candy bars, etc.) and the food additive EDTA, as these block iron absorption.

The weird thing is that my B12 is quite good, but i ended up anemic, yet my dads ferretin was 105 and his B12 was almost rock bottom. The information i read basically said that there are a lot of people out there who are eating meat, poultry and fish and are still low in B12 as they simply aren't absorbing. That sounds like me with my ferretin. I'm a great meat eater as well as a healthy eater, yet simply not absorbing unless taking iron supplements.

It's odd that the symptoms for low B12 are virtually same as anemia.

It was also scary to read that being low in B12 and never taking supplements to raise it 'could' , in some serious cases, lead to dementia as inadequate levels of B12 can expose nerves to damage.

Recently when i had a blood draw, the nurse at the pathology stated that low B12 can lead to broken sleep at night and basic night sleep problems. My dad has been on sublingual B12 for just over a month now and he used to wake up every night without fail and couldn't fall asleep. he would get up and go an listen to late night radio for a couple of hours. Last night i asked him how things were progressing and he says most nights he now actually might wake for a moment, then goes back to sleep. I was so happy to hear this as these broken nights of sleep had worn him down to the point where i initially thought he might have adrenal fatigue.

No doctor had ever tested my B12, until i went to a Trichologist for my hair shedding. I had been on multi B supplements for a while so maybe that is why my B12 was reasonable, but there are lots of people who wouldn't even think of taking vitamins (like my dad). It scares me to think it can lead to dementia. When you think of it, there do seem more people with dementia these days then what there were in my parents/grandparents time, more people used to live to an oder age without altzheimers or dementia.
Audrey--I guess there is really no way around all the things that impair absorption. You can only try to do your best when taking supplements. I remember I ate like a scientist when I was anemic, I wonder if that helped or not.

I have never had my B-12 tested until I was diagnosed with anemia. At least my doc knew to test for it. I am amazed at how many doctor's do not check their patients for B-12 when they are DX'ed with IDA. That's just crazy, even we know to do this. I just wonder why it slips by so much. And, yes if B-12 deficiency is overlooked and going on for many years a patient can have irreversible nerve damage. My B-12 is also at the high end of the range. Considering the fact that I take PPI's, I am hoping to keep it up there and not become deficient one day in the future. I still supplement SB L B-12 daily. It is also supposed to help with fatigue, relating to the thyroid, so I take it for that. It doesn't seem to help anymore though. I think before I was just so fatigued from the low ferritin and now that is much better.

Many diseases have the same symptoms so you really have to evaluate everything thoroughly. With B-12 though there are Neuro symptoms. Age is also a factor for B-12 because elderly people don't absorb as well as they once did. For this reason, I have both of my parents on SB L B-12. My Grandmother passed from Altzheimers so this is another reason they take B-12. It's amazing what can happen when one is deficient in vitamins and/or minerals.

I am glad to hear that your dad is doing better now that he is supplementing B-12. I just found out that my dad is anemic from knee replacement surgery and donating blood prior. His doctor says it's okay for him to run borderline anemic, maybe it is his age, but I don't think so. So now he is anemic and taking iron supplements.

Sleep makes a great difference in your health. You can have many issues without the right amount of sleep. Throughout my illness, sleep was the one thing that I really feel made a big difference if I did not get enough. Rest is so important when trying to heal. Be well, Audrey!

PS--I go tomorrow to have my labs done for TSH and F-4 to see how I am responding to a higher dose of meds. I wonder if I am Hypo or Hyper??? That's the Hashi's Q. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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