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luvcows--Welcome to the Anemia Board!!!

What depletes stores.........?

There are several reasons for anemia or low ferritin stores. A lack of iron in the body can come from bleeding due to various reasons, with the most common cause may be periods in women, diet, not eating enough foods that contain iron, OR not absorbing enough iron from food that is eaten, as seen with malabsorption or some meds like PPI's.

Autoimmune (AI PA) perncious anemia (lack of IF intrinsic factor) is one common cause of B-12. B12 deficiency can be caused from many reasons I have listed below:

Diet, specific drugs (PPI, H-2 blockers, alcohol, nitrous oxide, PPI's, metformin).

Malabsoprtion Syndromes (celiac disease, gluten intolerance, crohn's, H-pylori, bacterial overgrowth, transcobalamin II deficiency, inborn error of B12 metabolism.

Surgical reasons such as (gastric bypass, stomach or small bowel removed due to ca, and ulcers) and radiation therapy.

PA and Malabsorption syndromes are the most common for B-12 def., I believe. A GI, Internist and Hematologist doc can help with ruling out many of these conditions. It is also not uncommon to have an iron deficiency and B-12 deficiency at the same time. Best of luck to you in finding answers. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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