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My dr's office just called me back with some of my test results. All she said was that I need to increase my iron levels and she suggested I take Ferris Gluconate every other day for a week or so and then slowly increase to 4 pills a day. She also suggested that I contact my GYN since I have extremely heavy periods.

My dr told me last week that the levels were definately low enough to show the symptoms I've been having (exhaustion, headaches, feeling cold, shakiness, nausea, rapid heartbeat and feeling like I can't catch my breath). However, the dr today said my iron level wasn't really that low and I was "almost" anemic.

What do these mean?

Iron saturation level 14%
Ferratin 7
Hematocrit 32
Forensicmom--Try to get your labs and post them here (with the ranges) and we can see what's up, if you like. Again, I would want to know exactly what the labs read because like I said earlier in a previous post that you can be told anything. It's easy to read the results and know.

I will explain your results first: Know that you can expect lab variations on ranges.

Iron saturation level 14--Serum Iron and TIBC together (total iron binding capacity), are used to calculate the T Sat% transferrien-(iron saturation percent).
T Sat% is usually around 25-53%. This is a portion of the Iron Panel, for better understanding, I will list the full panel for you:

Serum Iron-Is the amount of iron in circulation at the time of testing. 75-150 are considered normal levels, my lab range was 40-170.
UIBC-The unbound portion.
TIBC-Is a measurement of transferrin which is a protein that carries iron in the body. This + iron serum are used to calculate the % Sat.
Sat%-My range here is 13-45. Normal levels are 25-35%. You are 14 here. All of these tests tell about iron.

Ferritin the test: Is more telling about iron, it is a stand alone test. My range is 13-150. Some ranges begin at 10. Sub 10 ferritin is highly sensitive/specific for IDA iron deficiency anemia. You are 7.

Serum Ferritin-- measures the amount of iron in containment (stores). Anything under a 10 ferritin means no stores (according to my Hematologist). Serum Ferritin range varies by age and gender (although, I have not found this calculation but there is one), as a rule 25-75 is a normal range for most people. Here on this board most of us agree that it should be 70-100 with 50 being minimal for health.

Ferritin Stages: A negative iron balance ='s 3 stages of development; iron storage depletion, iron deficient and iron deficiency anemia. Note the end stage of the ferritin stores is anemia.

Hematocrit-- The hematocrit (Ht or HCT) or packed cell volume (PCV) or erythrocyte volume fraction (EVF) (all right, already!), is the portion of blood volume that is made up of red blood cells. For example, a hematocrit of 32 means that 32% of the blood's volume is made up of red cells. 34-35 is usually the cut off. 42% is optimal for Hct. Your are at 32%.

So, you appear to be borderline or mildly anemic from your Hct reading. This is where your lab ranges come in handy. Anemia is factored by the RBC, Hgb and Hct. When one of the 3 (or more) are below range you are considered to be anemic. All people react differently to anemia. Your ferritin alone is enough to give you symptoms. I'm sure with your low Hct that you could experience symptoms. Build your iron and ferritin stores and see if the symptoms go away. This is the only way to know. Best of luck to you. Keep us posted of your results. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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