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Thanks for the reply, FLFLOWERGIRL -- I appreciate it!

I need to call Kaiser (my previous provider where all the IF, methylmalonic acid, etc. tests were run) to see about getting a copy of my labs. I doubt they can get them to me on such short notice, though I guess the hematologist will check all of that once I tell her a diagnosis of PA was made several years ago. My new doc (as good as she is) only tested my b12 level, but didn't look at the IF and/or size of the red blood cells (forget which test indicates that)...those and other factors were considered before the PA diagnosis was made. The doc that made that diagnosis also said I have malabsorption, but I don't know how he determined that. The more I type, the more I realize I need to get those records!

I do remember that I only got one b12 shot per month, which as I mentioned didn't seem to help at all. Sure it boosted my serum level, but I suppose that's only like a band-aid if the other factors (such as folic acid) weren't being addressed. I was given straight b12 w/nothing else in it; I do remember that. If the b12 with folic acid and IF is available in a sublingual, maybe I could give that a try...any advice as to where to buy it? If one has malabsorption, I think sublinguals might be the ONLY chance of getting an oral preparation to work.

I'm going to call my new doctor and request a copy of my labs so I can research them this weekend (I do legal research at my job, so it's kind of second nature). At least then I will be able to discuss my case intelligently with the hematologist, plus I'd really like to see exactly what was tested for and what my numbers were.

I could swear I printed out all those Kaiser labs before my access to their website ended (when I changed jobs), but I haven't been able to find them yet. I still have a good friend who works there, so perhaps she can FAX them over to me.

I beat myself up for the past several years (and my ex-husband was more than happy to get in on it); I told myself I was lazy because I'd let myself get so fat (I'd always been thin until I went on the psych meds). While I admit that being overweight DOES affect one's ability to do certain things, I have NEVER had problems running up stairs until recently...and I have asthma! From that, I can only conclude that the anemia is sapping my strength.

I also wonder if the asthma is not exacerbated by the low iron levels...what are your thoughts? It stands to reason that if the red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen to the organs (lungs), then maybe I'm having increasing asthma trouble b/c of the anemia...make sense? Going a step further, I wonder just how much damage the anemia has caused to the asthma over the years...I just feel certain there is a correlation.

My doctor can always tell when my iron level is low (huh, when isn't it???) b/c apparently I have a heart murmur that can be heard loudly when my iron is low. If my iron goes up, the murmur is less-pronounced.

If any of you can advise me as to locating sublingual (or even injectible) items online, I'm happy to consider anything that might help. The doctor I am seeing is the main "anemia doctor" at the Winship Cancer Institute at Emory University, so I have great hope in her ability to help me get better!! I am looking forward to our appt. next Wednesday, though I know it means parting with even more blood!

BTW, I did not mention earlier that my internist put me on a 90-day birth control pill (for hormone regulation; no strength for sex, lol) in an effort to minimize bleeding. The GI doc said only having 4 periods a year CAN help rebuild my iron stores, but that it would be a slow process. Like any of us who have been exhausted for TOO LONG, I'm hoping for some fairly immediate relief!

I was reading a book I have about asthma last night, wherein the author states that DAILY shots of b12 for two weeks can help an asthmatic tremendously. Now I guess I should look into getting injectible b12 with folic acid and possibly IF online so I can give myself the shots...oh joy.

Thanks again for any info you can offer!


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