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The doc that made that diagnosis also said I have malabsorption, but I don't know how he determined that. The more I type, the more I realize I need to get those records!

[B]PA is considered a malabsorption syndrome. B-12 can last 2-5 yrs with malabsorption going on. I suppose the IF test was the determination.[/B]

I do remember that I only got one b12 shot per month, which as I mentioned didn't seem to help at all. Sure it boosted my serum level, but I suppose that's only like a band-aid if the other factors (such as folic acid) weren't being addressed. I was given straight b12 w/nothing else in it; I do remember that. If the b12 with folic acid and IF is available in a sublingual, maybe I could give that a try...any advice as to where to buy it? If one has malabsorption, I think sublinguals might be the ONLY chance of getting an oral preparation to work.

[B]In this case the malabsorption is from lack of IF, if replaced with oral supplement, you may be able to absorb it. However, it is very questionable.
I would wait to see what the Hematologist has to say. They will also know more about supplements that would be right for you.

The supplement that I was telling you about is, Foltrin (brand name), it has Vit-C, Iron and B-12 with IF for absorption. Other names listed are Contrin, Fergon Plus and Trinsi com. This is a script I think.

Regarding the B-12 IM's, it my understanding that they should be given along with ORAL Folic acid. It is not in the IM with B-12.

I have read that a typical protocol for B-12 IM's is 1 mg every day or every other day 5-7 X's, then once a week for 4 wks, then once a month for life.
Hydroxocobamin Verses Cyano form of B-12 is preferred, although, many docs don't give this form. Methyl form of SB L B12 is available from Jarrow and is said to be a good supplement.[/B]

I also wonder if the asthma is not exacerbated by the low iron levels...what are your thoughts? It stands to reason that if the red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen to the organs (lungs), then maybe I'm having increasing asthma trouble b/c of the anemia...make sense?
[B]I agree.[/B]

The GI doc said only having 4 periods a year CAN help rebuild my iron stores, but that it would be a slow process.
[B]Just from my experience, I think that this is still too much blood loss if you are having problems with anemia/low ferritin. All blood loss needs to be addressed until it is minimal at least. A slow process is an understatement IMO, for what that's worth. FLFLOWERGIRL:).[/B]


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