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:)Thanks so much for getting back to me. These are all the tests I have for now. The first set was with no supplement; the second set was just with a multivitamin with iron; and the third set was after taking the iron supplement. I am at a loss (as is the doctor) as to why I have a high iron with a low ferritin. I agree that my next tests need to be fasting and without the supplement...I was not aware (none of the doctors ever told me to fast) of how fasting would affect these tests until reading about it on line.
I did come across someone who was talking about the same thing--high iron levels, but low ferritin. Her gastroenterologist told her the serum iron can be affected by many things and that the ferritin was a more reliable indicator of iron status. She was told she was having malabsorption of Fe due to long term use of PPIs for GERD. I have been on PPIs for GERD for many years and am now wondering how this plays in to this. Anyone heard of this??
I plan on discussing this with the hematologist. Thanks again...any insight is greatly appreciated!

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