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Diane--I don't know what to think about those tests and what you were told. It is my understanding that when one of the three or more; H & H and RBC counts are below range then you are anemic.

I am no doctor by any means, just a patient. From my experience which is limited, I have never heard of a disease that would note a low ferritin along with high iron serum. Ferritin is the most specific/sensitive test for iron deficiency. are looking pretty iron deficient to me.

Get copies of all your labs for reference including your most current and post those if you like. Were your other tests done when you were taking supplements or not? The iron serum is the iron that is in circulation in the blood at the time of testing and is not real accurate. This can be changed by supplements, and food sources that are ingested.

With all that being said, the amount of iron between your Serum iron and your T Sat% is way too high. It appears that you are absorbing iron, but not metabolizing it. What confuses me here is that you would store this iron in the ferritin, if it were truly happening. T Sat should be anywhere from 25-35% never more than 45% so that you don't overload. This would be reflected in your ferritin. Your ferritin does not compute for iron overload. I might want to retest with a FASTING iron panel and no supplements. Really, there are so many possibilities, this is where a specialist comes in. Best of luck to you. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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