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Hi! I'm 48 y.o. female. I have been having some weird blood work/symptoms for over 6 months now and feel like I have to be my own doctor. I have been feeling extremely tired, nauseated, headaches, foggy, mild hair shedding.

In a routine exam last Sept I had blood work done. My H/H was low (11.4/34.3 and RBC low at 3.81). My iron was 160 (>nl) and my ferritin was 6. My doctor initially said everything was fine and I wasnt anemic because my iron was high. I went to another doctor for something unrelated who suggested my doctor redo the tests since my ferritin was so low. The retest results a month later were:

Iron 55 wnl, UIBC 334 wnl, TIBC 389 wnl, %iron sat 14 (low) and ferritin 7 (low); folate >20 (above nl), B12 normal, Hgb 11.9, Hct 35.2. This time the doctor called and said I was anemic and put me on 325 mg Fe each day and to be retested in 2 mos. It took me 3 months to take a 2 month dose (it made me nauseaus) and then I retested @

Iron 189 (high)

UIBC 98 (low)

TIBC 287 (normal

% iron sat 66 (high)

Ferritin 11 (low)

Another call from doctor's office saying my anemia is gone and to stop taking iron and be retested in 2 months.

Everything I have read has told me that a ferritin at my level is extremely deficient. I don't think my doctor has a clue (I like him other than for this recent issue) and I have made an appointment with a hematologist on my own.

Anyone with similar issues? The question is why the high iron levels with such a low ferritin. I feel like crap and I'd like to go to the hematologist informed. Thanks,


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