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Cyndi--I'm sorry that your numbers are so low. You are condisered a grade 3 anemia which is serious/severe with a 6.7 Hgb and a 1 ferritin. Your Iron and T Sat % are incredibly low, as well as the small size of your blood cells reflected in your MCV of 62
(62 MCV is severely low). My Hgb was 8.5 and I had a 2 ferritin, I can't imagine the symptoms that you must be having. My doctor (PCP) told me that at a 7 they would transfuse me. Some people on this board have said at 8 their doc/hospital gives blood, I guess this depends on where you are living and what your doctor believes. I have read both apply. Your doctor probably should offer you a blood transfusion (according to severity). Another alternative is to have IV iron infusion given by a Hematologist, but it is not wihout risk either. I only took iron tabs orally to get my numbers up, your Hgb should respond within 30-45 days. It took me two months to get from a 8.5 to 12.9 with ferris sulfate, but it almost killed my guts. Then I wasn't able to take iron for a while and I dropped again because I was still having periods with no ferritin. It takes up to a year to fill the ferritin through the oral route. I think that your doctor should do more for you. Keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:)
[QUOTE=lotsawalls;3873049]Yes Flowergirl, I was DX'd with BE. Short Segment Barrett's Esophagus. But from what I'm reading it usually comes from reflux or heartburn, and I've had very little of either. I have reflux if I eat too close to bedtime, but I've had maybe only 10 or so episodes total, and not anytime recently. I read it can happen without the reflux. Do you know about BE?

[B]Cyndi--Sorry that you got that DX. Can I ask your age? I don't know too much about it. My mom was DX'ed with BE last year. Hers was silent, we had no idea. She is 75 and we just never knew anything was going on. But I have always feared it. I thought that I would show it for sure on the Endo, but nothing was noted. I on the other hand have had GERD , acid reflux for 9years and they think that is why I am not absorbing iron enough to build the ferritin. I do worry that the Nexium I took for 8 years may have masked it and that I may really have it, I have read things like that happen. I just know that the iron killed me and I had real problems with ferris sulfate in the beginning. I though that I surely had internal bleeding from it. The GI doc said that if I don't have it by now that I'm probably not going to get it. Also, every time that you burp you are burning part of the esophagus down low. This is not felt usually. That's what my doc told me when I told him I really don't reflux either. My problem is probably related to a hiatal hernia that they found on my Endo. Are we having fun yet? FLFLOWERGIRL:)[/B]
You are way too young for all this worry. I really feel for you. You know that "Real Age" test that you see how old you really are regarding health, well I think I'll skip that one. I know what you are saying this stuff really does age a person. Regarding the BE, you need to be sure that you raise the head of your bed. It's not too pretty but it may save your life one day. That is something that I kept putting off until I started on the iron and it tore me up inside. The GI doc scolded me because I had not already done so. Anyway, don't be like me fix your bed at least 8" high at the head. I have a bed that we had to make a custom fit ramp to fit inside to raise the box spring and matress. Also, when taking iron supplements and this is for everyone don't lay down after taking them. Hope things get better soon. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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