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Hi all, I'm new here. Found you through a google search.

I've had severe anemia last March, so I had my levels checked last week at the doctors. Called today, my iron levels are terrible.

Ferritin less than 1 (22-291 ng/mL)
Iron 11 (35-160 ug/dL)
Transferrin Sat % is 2 (15-55 %)
TIBC 449 (228-428 ug/dL)
TIBC Unsat 438 (92-365 ug/dL)
HGB 6.7 (11.5-15.0 g/dL)
HEMATOCRIT 27.0 (34.0-46.0 %)
RDW, RBC 20.3 (11.9-14.3 %) (what is this?)
RED BLOOD CELLS COUNT 4.38 (3.60-5.70 M/uL)
MCV 62 (80-100 fL)
PLATELETS COUNT 363 (140-400 K/uL)

My doctor just said to start taking iron supplements and recheck in a month. I told her I was concerned, as my diet is not seemingly deficient in iron (I eat some meat, not a lot, snack on almonds, cereal is always high in iron, etc). I have a normal diet. She seems to think that it could be caused by my somewhat heavy clotting during menstruation, and most people have trouble maintaining their iron levels by just diet alone.

Does this sound right to you? My ferritin level freaked me out...less than 1???

Anyone share numbers like this, and is your doctor only having you take iron pills?

Thanks for sharing any info you have!


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