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It was really wierd, back in August of 08 I started to drink this liqued B12 that we got from a weight lifting/vitamin place. The first week was like magic. I felt my energy go up a bit. Then the second week I was right back where I started. I'm also taking a vegetable based vitamin line that is suppose to be better absorbed. For three months they had me taking 50,000 units of vit. D and 10,000 of vit. B12.
Actually let me start back to the begining of this mess-
1 year ago I had a surgery(and had completely healed)-one month after that I lost the vision in one eye-I woke up I had an intense headache with no vision. Then I went to the ER and slowly but surely I lost my mobility on my left side. I spent two weeks in there. The only thing they could find was a severe defiency in my vitamins. They gave me 1000 mg of steriods to get my vision back and after two weeks it was fully restored. The mobility started to come back after 2 months of taking all these vitamins. They were giving me the real stuff and let me tell you it was nasty!!They said if I had another incident it could be MS. They also said it could have been a small stroke that didn't register yet. I was also told that vit. defiency could cause all of this. Three different diagnosis.
I just assumed that it was all fine. My doctor has never been concerned. I thought I was taking all the right stuff and started feeling terrible again last summer. My PCP wasn't even going to test for the iron-I asked her too. I got shingles in Oct. and she focused on that.
Now that I know everything is low again it worries me. It might be why I'm having so much pain in my joints and making the shingles last so long. I feel like having six babies so close together has really hurt my body. I can remember feeling terrible after each birth. I nursed each one for a year. So, there again I depleted myself.
If you've read some of my other threads-I gained 3o pounds in three months. I weigh more now then when I was pregnant.I have really bad joint pain. I have been having severe pain down in my pelvic area. It feels like each ovarie starts hurting life they are at war. My stomach is swollen and hard a lot! I don't have diarrhea-ever. I am constipated occasionally. I've had a colonoscopy and nothing other then hemorrhoids. I don't understand why my body is not soaking up these vitamins. I also eat really healthy. I try to focus on foods that will help me.
That's my story in a nut shell....any comments or help is greatly appreciated.
My test results-
1 month ago- ER 1/5/09 1/20/09
WBC 6.2 6.5 5.8 (4.-10.5)
RBC 4.3 4.63 4.28(3.8-5.10)
hgb 10.7 10.7(11.5-15.)
hct 32 32. (34-44)
MCV 74 (80-98)
MCH 24.9 (27.-34.)
MCHC 33 (32-36)
RDW 16.3 (11.7-15.)
Platelets 263 (140-415) 183
Neutrophil 81 H 63 normal
lymphocyte 16 L 30 normal
Lipase level 18 low
TIBC 426 (250-450)
UIBC 401(150-375)
iron 25 (35-155) (I told you all the wrong # before)
iron saturation 6 (15-55)
ferritin 4 (10-291)
B12 179(211-911)
Folate 20.8 (>5.4)
T4 .96 (.61-1.76)
protein 6.6 (6.0-8.5)

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