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[QUOTE=mysixpack;3868446]I guess I'm not to bad at 179. It says it should be 211-911 for me and it's not as low as I thought it would be. My Folate was great! 20.8
Everything else on my CBC is almost exactly the same. I've been taking 100 mcg of B12 for over a year now. I guess it's not working as good as I thought.

I'm not sure if this means anything. Other then it explains why I feel like crud having my ferritin level at 4 and my iron at 12.[/QUOTE]

Hi There
Your B12 is very very low I would suggest you ask your doctor for a uMMA it is a urine tests that will show B12 deficiency you can do a search on it....
I dobt know about your folate as our levels are read different here but if it is rather high this can occur with B12 deficiency...
taking 100mcg of B12 is a waste of time with your levels it is like trying to fill a damnwith a teaspoon of water each day it will dry up before you can add the next one so to speak you need regular big doses of Methylcobalamin the active form of B12 on a consistant you are low in vitD you may have some malabsorption problem going on were the gut cant absorb the essential like iron and b12 dependent on the stomach...... eg celiac crohns,ect...Do you have a history of stomach issues......Please get that test done as your B12 is just way to low What is the doc going to do about it as you are under the range did he suggest some injections for if not see another doctor asap to get another opinion

good luck

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