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Hi all--

I'm going to the hematologist on Wednesday but am not at all sure what to do about taking supplements (iron, Vit. C, B12 complex) until then b/c it just seems like they don't help. Even when I got B12 shots (cyano not methyl) once a month for a year, I noticed no change whatsoever in how I felt even though my B12 level went up.

I'm wondering if it would be best not to take anything until I see the hematologist, b/c at least then she'll have an idea where my levels truly are. Aside from knowing I'm anemic, I really don't know what else might be going on; while I was diagnosed with PA a few years ago, my new internist said my B12 level is normal so I don't need shots. It's all just very confusing.

Once I've had my first appointment, how long will it be before I know anything? Once I DO have the results, it seems like it will be a long time before I start to feel better, depending on the course of treatment.

I recently "put two and two together" and came to the realization that I've been using low doses of narcotic pain medication to perk me up enough to get through the day for several years, never realizing the real problem is quite likely the anemia (and obviously none of my doctors figured it out, either).

While I do have degenerative disc disease and can continue to get the Percodan, I have asked my internist to cut my monthly prescription in half so I can taper off (in the hope I have a REAL solution soon). I've told my doctors for years that I am using it to compensate for severe fatigue, but no one listened. What I always got in response was, "Maybe we need to admit you to a rehab facility", which was like adding insult to injury. At such low doses I don't think I'm physically addicted, but I am pretty certain there is an element of psychological addiction simply b/c I've learned that taking 1/2 a pill means I'll feel better in twenty minutes, if only for a very short while.

Maybe things will seem more hopeful after my appointment next week, but right now I am just undone with all of this.

Thanks for "listening",

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