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Hi Forensicmom--

While I think proper nutrition is important to everyone, particularly those dealing with health concerns, I am the first to admit that my diet is nowhere near where it needs to be.

As far as buying organic, perhaps you could start with one or two "staples" (say milk, chicken, or a fruit your family will enjoy) and buy that in organic; any small steps would be helpful, I think. I wonder if you could buy a gallon of organic milk and a gallon of "regular" milk and mix them. While I know there is some effort in doing that (large bowl, funnel, TIME), that would give your family a nutritional boost without breaking the bank.

Having said that, however, I kind of compare buying organic with taking iron supplements: unless I'm seeing a definite difference, it's hard to justify continuing. Still, I DO frequent the local farmer's market and have found that even my teenage sons can tell the diff. between organic chicken and "regular" chicken...but gosh is it expensive!

Regarding your protein concerns, you can buy a HUGE container of protein powder at Wal-Mart (in the Pharmacy/vitamin section) for less than $15. With this, you can make lots of delicious smoothies for you and your family. I use a scoop of protein, soy milk, a little crushed ice, fruit (fresh or frozen), and a tablespoon of flax oil (for Omegas)...then just blend it.

I think a nutritionist could be very beneficial, but you might want to ask your hematologist for one who is knowledgeable about anemia so you can be sure to get the most "bang for your buck". I know there are plenty of ways to increase iron intake through your diet, but that is easier said than done for me because eating red meat is the best way to accomplish this and I'm just not going there! Also, if malabsorption is an issue, it's pretty much a moot point.

That's all I have to of luck!!!


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