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Hi i posted on the thyroid board and i have gathered a list of thoughts

For a Long Long time i have had symptoms of lethargy for no real reason

as a child i had constant infections and was off school alot with earache had pneumonia appendicitis etc etc ....nothing major just lots of illness then as a teenager the same and i had glanular fever.

I started going grey at 18 (both mum and dad were diagnosed with terminal cancers at this time so i put the grey down to stress)

I had my first child at 19 and constantly tired etc
then had my second child at 26 mum also died at this time

With my third child at 29 i was mildly anaemic at 9.7 with all the symptoms sore toungue, sore corners of the mouth i had tooth absesses terrible earache brittle nails - i took ferrous sulphate and this improved

I did not know i had to stay on the tablets and so was not tested again and after a while when eventually tested i was anaemic again at around 10 and ferritin of 2.

I have been struggling for so long with feelings of being tired and the past few years i have not enjoyed life, i have no extreeme symptoms so i put it down perhaps to depression and just thought i need to get on with it but now i am fed up and need to get myself sorted out. Whatever is making me feel this way if i can get the cause corrected then perhaps i can enjoy life more.

Below are the mild symptoms i have been having recently

Tiredness (going to bed early not even enjoying going riding because i am so out of breath its embarrasing) Being tired even when i get up wanting to go back to bed but i dont because i have the children and uni to go to.
Going to bed early 8.30 and sleeping through till morning
Weight gain due to decreased excersise i am a large uk 14
When i try to excersise i just feel so tired and if i push it trying to go jogging i get pain in my left arm so i have to walk again
hair loss well over 100 per day (yes i did count them lol!!!)
grey hair (i dye it because otherwise i look so much older than 35)
brittle nails and ridges in them
sometimes get headaches that i have to just go to bed
tight feeling in throat as someone is gently squeezing it
problems with my contact lenses and some blurring?
v small lump on side of neck
clicking joints and spine
very occaisional numb end of toe and finger say four times in last 2 months
craving for tinned tomatoes

too tired to socialise
feeling down about myself and my abilities
red spots on skin in last couple of years
heavy periods that last 48 hours
Difficulty concentrating/memory/
recently i have experienced mild shaking fingers at some times in the day

Sometimes i get a few weeks where i feel i have energy to go and do jogging more horse riding housework and take the kids on trips but it is short lived and after 2/3 weeks my energy levels drop again

i have an itchy spotty scalp too (embarrasing) Mum always used to tell me to stop itching my head when i was a teenager lol

So i would love to take control of how i feel and get to the bottom of what is going on is it Physical? or a Mental health problem? Which ever it is i need to find out because i feel i cannot continue struggling through every day

i know the symptoms could be nothing but i just needed to list everything so that i can build a picture of what is happening


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