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gemini - yes, i do at times think us women drew the short straw!! Although prostate cancer really seems to be catching up so i doubt males have as relaxed a race to the finish line as they once did. But i still believe us women have more issues to deal with considering we have periods and pregnancies.

flowergirl2day - i dont think hemoglobin and ferritin issues cause our hormonal disturbances. At least i've never come across information of that sort. Our hormones are affected by things like stress, diet, chemicals, pollutants, plastics, styrofoam, hormones fed to animals etc etc.

Excess estrogen causes a whole range of issues eg: fibroids, PMS, weight gain, hair shedding, loss of libido, mood swings, heavy/disrupted and or painful menstrual cycles, breast/head/neck cancers in women an prostate cancers in men.

I have also read that things like adrenal fatigue and thyroid problems come under moderate excess estrogen symptoms while they now believe there are links to high estrogen levels and fybromialgia. I already have the adrenal and thyroid issues, although now my doctor has the adrena issue under control and i no longer have to take meds for that.

The problem is that these days they don't test our hormones, or don't do it properly or they do hormone testing but a lot of women are on the pill. Most doctors don't even tell you what time of day you ought to do hormone testing at and most don't care so long as you fall within a lab range.

I had hormone testing via blood tests at various stages over the last 10 - 12 years and i was always told everything was fine. Some of those tests were performed in the afternoon. It was only last year that i found out all hormone testing should be done earlier in the morning. My thyroid doctor also did my first hormone test via saliva and not blood as he feels it's more accurate. This was the first time i was told what i already knew, that my hormones were messed up.

My doctor has being trying a natural method to lower my estrogen, by using Indolplex (DIM), which helps metabolise excess estrogen and i have to get retested in a couple of weeks or so, but i'm not sure it's worked. I think the next thing will be to somehow take progesterone, which should help lower my estrogen.

What scares me is that a lot of people with weird period issues are simply told to go on the pill, but a lot of the new forms of the pill are high estrogen or estrogen only. Adding more estrogen into an already unbalanced hormonal system is a recipe for disaster.

Anyway, i'll continue getting an anual ultrasound to monitor things. I'll see what my pap test says and i might need to see a gyn. If my estrogen/progesterone can be balanced i might not have the period issues i've been having for ages now and with estrogen balanced, my fibroid should shrink or half growing. I don't get period pains at the start of my periods, but once in a while i'll get pain when they've finished, but not every time, which is weird. I'm not in so much pain that i have to do something soon. It's more a case of my periods being very irregular so i have to take herbs daily from a naturopath. If i wasn't on these herbs i'd be spotting constantly, irregular cycles, wouldn't know if they were starting or stopping.

It makes my head spin. I never knew of the impact of excess estrogen on our system. Having just that one hormone out of balance can do so much damage and is so disruptive. I think my hormonal imbalance is at the root of my period issues, not so much the actual fibroid itself. This is why i'm not in a hurry to remove it as i know fibroids tend to shrink through menopause due to lack of estrogen.

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