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[QUOTE=Audrey-B;3925674]Glad you enjoyed your ride. Maybe it was too much too soon. Doing other low impact exercises might help your body adjust and then the riding wont affect you so much.[COLOR="DarkRed"]Hi Audrey x i think you are right, i was exhausted after wards this morning all my muscles ache too lol. Last night i had a splitting headache and felt sick so i went to bed early 8pm and fell asleep:eek:[/COLOR]

Most definitely you should organise a pap smear if you haven't had one in 6 years. I too used to leave mine go for a while, but then when they noticed my cervix bleed as soon as they touched it they got me to have them yearly at one point. I'm actually back to having dramas with it again. Seems to be the story of my life, things can go on for close to 10yrs and no doctor bothers to give a damn about it, until i stumble across one good doctor who knows what's actually going on. I'm now waiting for my results and will see what they recommend further for my situation.[COLOR="darkred"]sorry to hear you are having problems you must get fed up with it all but i am glad you have a good doc now audrey i hope he/she gets things sorted out for you. I shall ring today and book for a smear, i need to get a couple of things looked at that ive noticed down below anyway:o:dizzy: ;)[/COLOR]

It would be good if you could have the ultrasound as it can show up lots of things we are unaware of. I know i've got one fibroid which is most definitely not helping my period situation and my friend had period issues and hair loss and never had an ultrasound till the other day and they picked up via the ultrasound that she's got PCOS. That would explain her situation. I would think any half decent doctor would order an internal and external ultrasound first, rather than wanting to stick one of those coil things to help with your periods.

Hoping you feel better soon, take care :)[/QUOTE]
[COLOR="darkred"]thanks audrey you too x[/COLOR]

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